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Homefinder Token

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The Homefinder Token

This ancient token is a remnant from the days of Alahea and a time when Aquiras still lived. Most of Alahea's monarchy and VIPs carried these charged tokens as a sort of backup security measure to keep them from being kidnapped or finding themselves in a life-or-death situation. Their crafting is a complete secret though scholars of Arcanology suspect Homefinders are tokens of Masterwork Magecrafting with an obviously added spark of divinity. Popular theory says they were all made by Aquarias' last living champion who was also a Master Magecrafter.

When held between one's forefinger and thumb, and the word 'home' spoken, one is magically transformed to what one charged the homefinder with as being 'home'. The transfer is instantaneous and is not affected by time, space, geography, or magical restraints. The transfer is painless and instantaneous.

When being charged, a homefinder can be 'tuned' to consider any number of places home. That home might be a person's actual home, an escape bolt hole, a high mountain clearing, a cave deep in the woods, a best buddy's cardboard shanty, or anywhere the user can think of as ' home'. The user must be intimately familiar with the place they tune the homefinder to as home... meaning they must have been physically present in the place they select the homefinder to call home. The only possible way around this 'must have been to a place physically' is as if someone employs a Dreamwalker to walk them through someone else's memory which they then can take on as their own.

Homefinders are powerful magic items with endless potential for use.

The Homefinder can only hold one charge and one targeted 'home' at a time. Once used, it must be recharged to be used again. With each 'recharge' the 'home' location can change based on the whim of who is doing the recharging.

Homefinders can be essential in the need to escape captivity or return the person who owns it to that person's 'home'. Their uses are 'unlimited' but they must be charged before each use. In olden times, when the world was still new to Humans, Homefinders were often deployed by Explorers who got themselves hopelessly lost or in dire survival situations as a last-ditch effort to return home - mostly in shame.

These tokens are rarely found charged and are dangerous to use with an 'unknown' charge. They can be 'overwritten' by recharging them with a new charge (as if they'd been used) if discovered or acquired. Then, once used, they must be recharged. A charging will require a 2.5K word thread on meditating about 'home' for anyone who is a novice at meditation. Competent meditators require a 1k word thread to recharge a Homefinder. Those with Expert in Meditation require only a 500-word thread (or section of a thread) where they are recharging their home finders. Master meditators need only a few moments of concentration on 'home' to recharge a Homefinder.

Homefinders can be bought, sold, gifted, or stolen. They will retain the last charge they held until they are either used or recharged in an 'overwritten' situation.

Homefinders are exempt from coupons, requests after this challenge, or as wished. They must be acquired in thread along with all the lore above that is associated with them. Players have until the end of the season to acquire these, or they lose the ability to acquire them.


Homefinders can only return a PC to their CURRENT DOMAIN. This could include any number of areas throughout that Domain - different buildings, locations in the domain's wildlands, etc... but you cannot change Regions, Cities, or even cross-time periods. If a PC happens to be in a different domain than their 'home' domain via accident, violence, magic, etc... the Homefinder Token will return them to their home domain even if they are outside their 'home' domain. PC's must decide what domain is their home domain and reside there before charging the Homefinder. It is perfectly acceptable for a PC to MOVE to a new domain, consider that new domain their new 'home', and recharge the homefinder accordingly. However, Homefinder Tokens will never be able to transport them back to a previous 'home' outside of their current home domain.