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Below is a complete listing of all the varieties of Horses available on Mizahar. In addition, basic vital statistics have been included!

The Horses of Mizahar

File:Avanthalian-Snowhorse.jpg Avanthalian Sleigh Horse

Size: 16hh to 17hh
Color: Any Solid Color
Purpose: Driving - Cargo and Passengers,
Location: Taldera Region - Native to Avanthal, Rare but possible to find outside Taldera.
Value: Inexpensive in Taldera (75 gm), Expensive outside Taldera (200 gm).
Special Abilities: Avanthalian horses are famous sleigh (and wagon) horses used to transport goods back and forth from Syliras to Taldera and other parts of the world - invaluable in the winter for their resiliency.

File:Colorsplash.jpg Colorsplash

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: Multicolored - Bay, Chestnut, Black, Grey, Dun, Palomino combined with White.
Purpose: Primarily Driving - Occasionally Riding
Location: Throughout Mizahar - Very common.
Value: 60-120 gm
Special Abilities: None.

File:Cyphrus-Strider.jpg Cyphrus Strider

Size: 14hh to 16hh
Color: Buckskin, Dun, Claybank, Palomino - Often with Dorsal Stripe, Stripping or Solid Black on Legs, and Multicolored Mane and Tail. Can be pinto.
Purpose: Riding
Location: Cyphrus Region, Rare but possible to find outside Cyphrus though usually of lower quality or confirmationaly inferior.
Value: 150 gm.
Special Abilities: While on Cyphrus' grasslands, Striders can travel at twice the normal speed of an average horse - reaching speeds easily in excess of 60 mph. This ability is only available to purebreds while in Cyphrus' territory, and often the horses will only gallop fast for those of the Drykas bloodlines or for those which the horses have been gifted to by the Cyphrus Horseclans. These horses often 'pick' their own riders and will rarely accept a rider forced upon them. They rarely wear full tack, only yvas, and can sometimes be luminescent in the dark.

File:Denusk.jpg Denusk

Size: 16hh to 18hh
Color: Mostly solid black or white, some palomino and rarely a pinto is found.
Purpose: Riding - Light to Heavy War
Location: Riverfall Only
Value: May be Purchased from The Sanctuary only for 500 - 800 GM
Special Abilities: Extremely rare, this breed was foaling its F1 generation during the Djed Storm of 512 and since then the breed as a whole has a slight iridescence to their coat, especially manes and tails. This is notable in the sun in particular, and incredibly striking in their black individuals. Palomino's have a goldish green bronze shimmer to them while the white resemble Konti in their pastel reflectiveness. This new breed of war horse is hardy on the grasslands and very intelligent. Developed in game, this unique breed is the collective efforts of healers and animal trainers for superior stamina in carrying the Akalak warriors into battle.

File:Eyktolian-Desertbred.jpg Eyktolian Desertbred

Size: 13hh to 16hh
Color: All solid colors. Often with white facial or leg markings (Blazes, Stars, Snips, or Cheek Patches)
Purpose: Riding
Location: The Deserts of Eyktol.
Value: Inexpensive in Eyktol (50 gm), Expensive outside Eyktol (150 gm).
Special Abilities: Eyktolian Desertbreds can navigate hot sands with ease and go long distances without water.

File:Firemane.jpg Firemane

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: Dark bodied (black, bay) with pale luminescent mane (gold, red, white)
Purpose: Riding
Location: Coastal Kalea near Wind Reach. Rare but possible to locate elsewhere in Mizahar.
Value: Rare - 250 gm.
Special Abilities: None - But they are incredibly beautiful creatures much sought after for carriage horses and noble mounts.

File:Frostmarch.jpg Frostmarch

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: White or Gray - normally heavily dappled
Purpose: Riding
Location: Taldera Region - Native to Avanthal, Rare but possible to find outside Taldera.
Value: Inexpensive in Taldera (70 gm), Expensive outside Taldera (150 gm).
Special Abilities: Frostmarches can navigate heavy snows, ice and cold weather with ease.

File:Gildling.jpg Gildling

Size: 14'3hh to 16hh
Color: Palomino or Dun with pale luminous coats.
Purpose: Riding
Location: Throughout Mizahar .
Value: 100 gm.
Special Abilities: Gildlings tend to glow in the dark (and seem shimmering in the daylight), making them invaluable for night or storm travel. Gildlings are mischievous creatures that tend to find trouble or play pranks on their riders. They are surefooted and strong, appealing to those horse owners that simply 'want something different'.

File:Kavinka-Colormount.jpg Kavinka Paintedmount

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: Pinto - White combined with any common coloring
Purpose: Riding, Driving
Location: Bred in Syliras and Cyphrus - Paints are common light riding horses known for their skill at herding large animals - cows, goats, other horses
Value: 80 gm.
Special Abilities: Being the all-purpose mount, Paints are well suited to herding, cutting, and light war.

File:Leopardbred.jpg Leopardbred

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: White spotted with loud dots (as in a leopards coat) of any color (black, palomino, chestnut, or bay)
Purpose: Riding, Driving, Packing
Location: Northern Falyndar Region - Possibly found outside in other regions (Kalea Especially).
Value: Inexpensive in Falyndar (70 gm), Expensive outside Falyndar (100 gm).
Special Abilities: Leopardbreds can navigate heavy jungles with ease and tolerate humid conditions fairly easily. They have an incredibly good sense of being able to detect large cats, even from a distance, and will become agitated when one is in close proximity warning their riders. Due to the lack of need for true horses (there exists a wide variety of other means of travel in Falyndar, Leopardbreds are mainly found in fringe regions and coastal Falyndar, but do to their wild coloration, have been rapidly spreading throughout Mizahar.

File:Mixedhorseblood.jpg Mixed Blood

Size: 10hh to 18hh
Color: Any
Purpose: Any
Location: Throughout Mizahar.
Value: 50 gm - 500 gm.
Special Abilities: None. These horses are the single most common types on Mizahar and can have any coloring or disposition. They can be used for a wide variety of purposes, such as herding, hunting, travelling...

File:Mountain-Pony.jpg Mountain Pony

Size: 12hh to 14hh
Color: Any solid color or pinto
Purpose: Riding, Packing
Location: Kalea Region - Native to the boarder villages between Kalea and Falyndar, Exported heavily so common to find elsewhere.
Value: 50 gm.
Special Abilities: Mountain Ponies are very strong for their size, and have no trouble navigating steep terrain with heavy loads. They are also used in mining and other underground work.

File:Nightwalker.jpg Nightwalker

Size: 15hh to 18hh
Color: Solid Black, no white markings.
Purpose: Riding, Driving
Location: Extremely rare - found in Syliras primarily.
Value: 500 gm.
Special Abilities: Incredibly intelligent and make excellent light war horses. Well trained and exceptional Nightwalkers will actually 'stand guard' at their rider's camps, alerting them to any approaching strangers or danger..They have extremely smooth gaits.

File:Redstar.jpg Ravok Bloodbane

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: Any
Purpose: Riding, Driving
Location: Sylira Region - Native to Ravok, Rare but possible to find outside Sylira.
Value: Inexpensive in Ravok (non-purebred) (80 gm), Expensive outside Ravok (non-purebred) (300 gm).
Special Abilities: Extremely vicious, these creatures often are outfitted with sharp horseshoes and grow their canines extremely long so they can tear like a predator. Bloodbanes are said to be non-grazers but instead survive on raw meat. They are loyal to their riders and often make vicious swift warhorses. The Ebonstryfe are rumored to have created these mounts, but they are no longer exclusive to Ravok. Note however that purebred Bloodbanes are bred to be bonded with Paladins of the Ebonstryfe. The only Bloodbanes available outside of the Ebonstryfe are mix-breeds or flawed in someway (undesired behaviors, wrong coloring, poor confirmation, or anything less than that possessed by their purebred, perfected brethren. These specimens are in no way comparable to a purebred although they still carry many desirable characteristics.).

File:Seme.jpg Seme

Size: 16hh to 20hh
Color: Black or Chocolate with White or Blond Mane and Tail
Purpose: Primarily Driving - Occasionally Riding
Location: Throughout Cyphrus.
Value: 200-500 gm
Special Abilities: Seme's are named after the Goddess Semele. They are primarily owned by the Drykas and used to pull their Pavilions (disassembled and placed in giant wagons) from place to place. Incredibly smart but docile, the Seme breed are low maintenance, hearty, and even tempered. It is thought they are the bloodstock for the more spirited Firemane riding horse found on the western coast. Seme's, like the Cyphrus Strider, pull their loads without headstalls.

File:Sungold.jpg Sungold

Size: 14hh to 17hh
Color: Pale Cream to Deep Burnished Gold
Purpose: Riding
Location: Throughout Mizahar
Value: 500 gm.
Special Abilities: Noted for their wisdom, Sungolds are incredibly intuitive and possess a burning desire to both please and protect their rider. Once they bond with a rider (from an early age - mature horses rarely bond) they will anticipate their wants and needs. Sungolds rarely require tack to ride, preferring to carry their riders bareback and bridle-less. Thought to be magecrafted, Sungolds have bred true (though these traits are lost when they are crossed with other horse breeds). Priests and Mages often favor these animals.

File:Tiaden-Warhorse.jpg Tiaden Warhorse

Size: 17hh to 19hh
Color: Any Solid Color and can have White Markings
Purpose: Riding
Location: Syliras - Bred by Syliran Knights.
Value: 300 gm.
Special Abilities: Most are trained in the art of war as a common part of their upbringing. Gifted in warcraft, these animals are said to appear from time to time from the Windoak's courtyard, normally about the time a new Grandmaster is about to be appointed. These 'Windoak' animals are often eagerly used to improve the Tiaden Warhorse bloodlines - Named for the Knight who first stumbled into the Windoak's Courtyard and prayed to Sylir's famous fragment to give them some aid in their quest to establish Syliras.

File:Tidalpony.jpg Tidal Pony

Size: 10hh to 14hh
Color: Any
Purpose: Children's Mount, Pack Animal
Location: Throughout the Coastline of the Suvan Sea
Value: 50 gm.
Special Abilities: Can navigate intertidal zones, swamps, and flooded areas with an ease. Tidal Ponies show no dislike for water and those that own them swear they sometimes can even 'walk' upon it. Children favor these animals as mounts.

File:Windrunner.jpg Windrunner

Size: 14'3hh to 16hh
Color: Pale - White, Dapple Grey, Slate Grey
Purpose: Riding
Location: Taldera Region - Native to Avanthal, Rare but possible to find outside Taldera.
Value: Inexpensive in Taldera (50 gm), Expensive outside Taldera (300 gm).
Special Abilities: Though somewhat fragile, these animals are the fastest on Mizahar. People often profess they run between the earth and sky, without setting their hooves to the ground. And while this is not true, Windrunners can generate sustained speeds of anywhere from 20-30 mph and hold them for long periods of time on even ground. They are not as fast as Striders in Cyphrus, because those animals are magically created, but anywhere else or in multiple weather conditions, Windrunners are the key for high speed travel. Messengers favor these animals.

File:Zavian.jpg Zavian

Size: 15hh to 17hh
Color: Darkly Colored or Chestnut with a full or partial spotted rump blanket in White.
Purpose: Riding, Driving, Packing
Location: Throughout Mizahar
Value: 100 gm.
Special Abilities: None. Zavian are considered stout all-around all-purpose animals. Commoners favor these animals greatly, especially farmers that have multiple uses for an individual horse.