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Howling Trees

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The Jamoura have much to say on the Howling Trees and the story of their birth is often told as a pleasant bedtime story for children or campfire story.

When the Jamoura were still blooming and the humans still had cruelty in hand that mingled with the long suffering effects of the Valterrian the Jamoura were still unprotected, vulnerable and infantile to the world. Caihya took yet another mercy to her children and fellow protects and lovers of nature. She wish for them to grow and thrive to become what she had always meant them to be, what they wished to be.

To keep them hidden in her Spires she also made guards to defend the new people and allow them to grow. These guards and protects were the Howling Trees. Much like the Jamoura's own transformation the Howling Tree grew tall and wide, their trunks splitting in halves and resembling humanoid legs and with these legs came a great gift.

They could walk!

These beings of forest like no other helped hide the Jamoura from prying eyes, leading all those making landmarks astray and forcefully casting out those who would do the race or Spires harm. They were the defenders of the Spires and known for their ‘howling’ battle cry. But as need for the protectors lessened and the Jamoura thrived the Howling Trees need no longer defend but Caihya did not wish to take her gifts entirely.

So, enlisting them for their aide yet again, this time as a way to keep time and direction even if one could not see Syna’s light or the sky. For now they would follow the light and should any choose to watch they would know in which direction Syna rose and set and where precisely the light settled in the morn or eve.

To this day it is said that some special trees still retain their guardian status and wander freely through the Spires, working much like their own Hahk'Shatara to protect the balance of the forest and Caihya’s children.