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Blocks of Icestone.

Icestone is a mineral only found in Northern Taldera, quarried from Icestone Isle located near the shore of Avanthal. It is used for building as well as art in the city and it a coveted part of the Vantha culture.


Icestone is a mineral found in northern Taldera, mostly in and around the city of Avanthal. Now naturally occurring, it only began to appear after the Valterrian, leading the local Vantha population as well as geological experts at the University of Zeltiva to believe that some wild magic released during that time somehow bound or alchemized a certain sort of crystal with the permanent ice of the ever-winter clime. Isur geologist Moran Deepsong Sultros wrote that she believed the seed crystal to have metallic inclusions as evidenced by certain behaviors of the Icestone, though other experts vehemently disagree.


Icestone has an ice-like appearance, transparent with a bluish tint and sheen, although it is far harder and stronger than either ice or most native stone. Used as a building material in Avanthal, it suffers from export, unable to sustain its solid phase in warmer temperatures. Unlike ice, warmed Icestone begins to flake and chip, becoming brittle and unusable. When the sea freezes, Iceglaze workers cross to Icestone Isle via sled and quarry the icestone there. Once it is cut to size it is hauled back by sled to Iceglaze Hold for use.

Icestone in Avanthal

Icestone is used for many things, mostly for building and art. One of the most beautiful showings of it's use is the Icewall Gates of Avanthal. These gates are made of entirely Icestone and have been the material used for the gates since the city was founded.

The stone is also used for art such as sculpting and also to make jewelry. One can see when strolling through the sculpture yard in Avanthal that the Vantha make great use out of this material. The most sought after work of art in Avanthal is a large sculpture of Morwen, made of Icestone in the Sculpture Yard, carved by Pavic Skyglow.