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Icewatch Sky

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Icewatch Sky is most easily recognized from Avanthal in the Taldera Region during the Winter Season. Although it is slightly well known, the constellation can still be difficult to spot. One may search the skies for this constellation for prayer or comfort.



Icewatch Sky is most easily recognized by the outline it gives in the night sky. Made up of over twenty different stars, Icewatch Sky is a constellation that needs pointing out. Once it is, one can easily spot the shape of a moving bear. The feet are in mid-step and the mouth is open. The bear's head points north, as if to signify Avanthal. The only difference between a real bear and this one is the tail, which is exaggerated and extended, as if to inform people this is not a regular creature.

Creation Story

Icewatch Sky is named after the goddess, Morwen. The storytellers of Avanthal spotted the bear-shaped constellation on a glorious night, it is told. The aurora lights flickered in all Vantha eyes as it was realized Morwen was still with them, even as she traveled the world to give the gift of winter. It was as though Morwen was keeping an eye on them, watching over her chilly children through her Icewatch Kelvics.

Each year, during the winter season, the constellation can be spotted in the sky. Although it is more difficult to spot and needs to be pointed out, the Elders enjoy telling the story of Morwen's Icewatch Sky.

Any Other Important Information

Icewatch Sky is only visible during the winter season and seems to reside directly above the city. The citizens of Avanthal use this constellation during the winter season to keep their goddess close to them. During the times when Morwen is gone, the civilians also use the constellation to pray to Morwen or show respect.

In Other Regions, This Constellation is Known As...

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