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In Mizahar, an Idea (with a capital I) is the true form of a concept. Ideas have no shape, appearance, consciousness or motives, nor can they interact with each other or the world; they simply are. Ideas reside in a separate world, but make the universe possible by just existing, and everything draws power from them. Mortals can never experience an Idea; being able to see one is the mark of gods, who can gaze upon the Ideas corresponding to their domains and spheres of influence (see World creation). Gods therefore act as middle men between Ideas and mortals. Gods may also have different perspectives on their Ideas, representing separate aspects of the same concept.

An Idea can never "die", although the gods representing it can be killed and later replaced. However, an idea can be forever forgotten by the world, which has the same practical effect. Most gods have the elimination of some (or most) Ideas from the world as part of their agenda.