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Ihsan Kanaan

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Ihsan Kanaan

Ihsan Kanaan, White Company, 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron
Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthSyliras
TitleStewart Knight

Ihsan Kanaan is the current Stewart Knight for the White Company, 1st Regiment, Silver Quadron. He is stationed in Syliras, and his company patrols the Nettle District of the Third Tier of Stormhold Citadel.



Ihsan looks the part of the famed Syliran Knights - tall and muscular, with perfect hair and a strong jawline. He is almost never seen outside of his plate mail, and he carries himself with the undeniable bearing of a leader.

Instead of a longsword, he bears an ebony-handled scimitar that he earned on a quest to Eyktol in his first years as a Knight. He is not often found carrying a shield, but when he is, it is a small round metal one not much bigger than a dinner plate.


This particular man is a born leader, and none to argue it. He is statuesque, sometimes stern, and has that inexplicable fatherly quality that makes men look up to him and scramble to avoid disappointing him. Most of the Knights, whether they recognize him or not, instantly come to attention when he enters a room.

Despite his sometimes stern ways, he has been known to be understanding and encouraging when the situation warrants. As such, he has one of the highest recruitment records in the Order, and when not on duty he can often be found bolstering the squires and rallying them in their path to achieve Knighthood.



Ihsan's Appearences
heightIt All Burns DownIhsan interferes in an investigation to keep blood from spilling on the streets