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Image:Scroll2.png "The sun illuminates all that we see. "
- Umantius - Ethaefal Seer

The sun's light grants the gift of sight.
Granted bySyna
Positive marksClairvoyance
Negative marksBlindness
Pos. mark appearanceStylized Orb Surrounded by One to Four Rays
Neg. mark appearanceDark bruise, darkness dependent on level of mark
Mark locationEye
First markYoung Adult

Inavalti is the ability to perceive things beyond the limits of normal perception via the light of the sun. That which the sun's light touches can be seen through the use of this power. With Inavalti, Syna, Goddess of the Sun, grants her favored followers the ability to see what she sees. In turn, those who challenge and/or anger her, find their normal sight diminished and potentially removed altogether.

During the Valterrian, Syna's lover, Leth, suffered an injury meant for Syna. The two retreated from activity leaving the world dark for a time. Upon their return, Syna vowed to never again be caught off guard and through her mark, she granted her followers a similar ability to see anything illuminated by her light. Although Syna does not discriminate between races or gender in choosing who to mark, she does tend to favor the Ethaefal, her lost children. Though she cares not for race or gender when marking her followers, Syna only marks those with an affinity for the sun. As a result, those dwelling in areas that rarely or never see the light of the sun will never bear her mark. Also, due to the nature of her gift, children are also never marked as they are not capable of processing and focusing on the potential flood of images brought on by the use of Inavalti. Thus only those reaching the age of a young adult of their race may be marked by Syna. Also, those marked by Syna feel uncomfortable when not touched by direct sunlight for extended periods of time and often choose a mainly outdoor lifestyle where they can benefit most from the warm, enlightening rays of the sun.

The use of Inavalti is not for the weak-minded and is only usable under the direct light of the sun, thus it is impossible to use underground, indoors, or anywhere that direct sunlight does not touch. Once activated, the user's mark flares for an instant with fiery light and their sight is immediately filled with images of everything happening in a certain radius around them; everything happening under the direct light of the sun (not reflected or indirect light). Light shining through a window constitutes direct sunlight yet only things illuminated within the direct path of that light are able to be seen, not the entire room. The ability to focus on these images is limited at first as is the radius of sight. As one gains additional marks from Syna, they find the distance they are able to see increases as does the ability to focus on specific things within their vision. The point of view of the special sight is from the sun's perspective thus it is an aerial view. Greater marks allow for a greater ability to zoom in on specific targets with much greater detail. Living, moving beings who enter buildings, stand under trees or otherwise move out of the sun's direct light, will be hidden based on the extent of the cover taken from the sun. Note that this ability applies only to the sense of sight. With no sound being heard, scent's being smelled, tastes tasted or touch felt. What is seen is seen in real-time as it happens.

In order to focus on specific individuals, locations, items, etc., one must know something about what they are looking for and the target must be within the sight radius. Having seen the target first-hand is the most preferred way as second-hand knowledge either from a written or spoken description is much less effective. Without ever having seen the target before, the marked individual will have to search for the target through Inavalti just as if they were physically there and looking around. When using Inavalti, the marked individual must remain physically still else risk breaking their link with Syna. Movement causes sun sight and normal sight to merge for an instant creating a blurred flood of images followed immediately by a great flash of light. Sun sight is abruptly halted and the individual is left feeling as though they stared at the sun for too long. This lasts until the next sunset and prevents the person from using their mark until the next sunrise. It is believed that Syna placed this limitation upon those she marks as a way of encouraging them to stay focused on what they see and avoid distraction. One may use Inavalti from just after sunrise to just before sunset (half hour after and before). It is important to note however that one cannot eat, drink or sleep while Inavalti is activated so losing oneself in sun sight can be very dangerous for one's health not to mention the threat of deadly sunburns from being in direct sunlight for so long. Syna's Ethaefal are uniquely immune to this due to their not requiring such things during the day light hours.

Those who displease Syna to the point of acquiring negative marks can do so in a variety of ways. However, one of the quickest ways to attract her displeasure and thus bring about negative marks is by intentionally causing blindness in another. When negatively marked, the individual's sight is affected, growing worse until blindness sets in.

Positive marks appear as stylized orbs surrounding the marked individual's eye (either one but not both). Depending on the level of the mark, a number of rays will extend from the orb; one for each level.

Negative marks appear as a dark bruise around one eye but not both. Depending on the level of the mark, the bruise will be darker and appear as though the person suffered a hard blow to the eye.

While not required, the Meditation skill can be of extreme benefit to those positively marked by Syna. Through meditation and concentration, the marked may attain greater focus on what they see through the use of Inavalti. While meditating, the sight granted by Inavalti is enhanced by 25%. Thus if someone with one Inavalti mark uses it with meditation, their radius is increased to one and a quarter miles and details seen as if standing around 37 feet from the target; details increased accordingly. (L1 = 1.25 miles and 37 feet, L2 = 12.5 miles and 18 feet, L3 = 125 miles and 3.5 feet, L4 = 1,250 miles and 8 inches)

Mark Progression

Marked [Cursed] - 1 Gnosis Mark
When using Inavalti (while in contact with direct sunlight), a marked person can view people, places, things and events also touched by direct sunlight from an aerial perspective. The area viewed is within a one mile radius around the marked individual. Details are limited and are equivalent to those seen from a distance of 50 feet away. Thus general size and shape, color, extreme racial differences, gender, and similar general features are discernible yet more specific details such as eye color, facial features, reading lips, writing, and similar details remain blurred.

A cursed individual is effectively colorblind and also unable to discern anything other than movement via sight beyond 50 feet.

Favored [Despised] - 2 Gnosis Marks
A favored individual finds their ability to see via sunlight, enhanced. The area viewed is within a ten mile radius around the person. Details are less limited and are equivalent to those seen from a distance of 25 feet away. In addition to the details seen with the first mark, the second mark allows details such as general facial features (anger, sadness, etc.), to be seen as well as larger written figures such as those on signs. Patterns in color and shape are more decipherable and finer details of race and gender can be seen.

Those despised by Syna are still colorblind and also unable to discern anything, even movement via sight beyond 10 feet.

Priest/Priestess [Adversary] - 3 Gnosis Marks
Priests or Priestesses of Syna find their sun-sight enhanced to truly miraculous levels. They can view things in a radius of 100 miles and things seen are viewed as if at a distance of 5 feet. All but the most minute details can be discerned.

An Adversary of Syna is colorblind and can't see anything more than a few inches away.

Champion [Nemesis] - 4 Gnosis Marks
Little is hidden from the Champion of Syna. Their sun-sight radius extends to 1,000 miles and they are able to discern perfect detail as if they were standing a foot away from the target. Books lit by direct sunlight can be read as if the Champion were holding the book in person.

Syna's Nemesis is immediately struck with permanent blindness.