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"Can you see through me?"
TitleThe Trickster
DomainIllusion, Trickery, Mischief
Divine rank3
SymbolsA Vildani (Staff with a spiral ending in a star), The Color Azure
CultsThe Inverted - Theater Troupe
Worshipped inThroughout Mizahar

Ionu is perhaps one of the most mysterious of the Gods or Goddesses. In fact, Ionu's mystery is so deep that no one is quite certain (even other divine beings) if Ionu is a Goddess or God. The debate among scholars often runs hot and heavy in this matter, and is prone to flare up at multiple times in multiple ways - much like the age old debate on which came first, the chicken or the egg. Ionu isn't an isolationist however. Rather, it is thought that this divine being has its hands in multiple things. Considered mischievous, interfering, and the subject of countless stories - Ionu is normally behind any light hearted mischief or serious fun. Ionu tends to throw people for a loop, masterfully tricking both mortal and divine beings in what often seems a fit of boredom or an itching to see something stirred up.

Ionu has also perfected the art of Illusion. Said to be close friends or perhaps even related to Akajia, Ionu is a weaver of sorts and plays an important role in Mizahar. As reinforced by those that have encountered this deity, Ionu's followers are masters of illusion. They tend to participate in nefarious or otherwise dangerous activities, though people considered 'good' often follow Ionu as well. Even Syliran Knight Intelligence Officers tend to court the favor of this deity in hopes of earning a Gnosis mark and learning the secrets to true illusionism. Ionu's true followers, however, form a theater troop called The Inverted. Some say the theater troupe is just a cover for the advancement of Ionu's more secretive goals, but nonetheless, these theatrical players are considered some of the best anywhere in Mizahar. And when they tour, people come from all over to witness their amazing illusions. Having trained with the Inverted opens doors for people, especially in the realm of espionage and intelligence. And due to Ionu's very nature, its incredibly hard to determine just what this divine being's agenda is.

Ionu will manifest for people, though each time they appear, they take on a new form - sometimes male, sometimes female, sometimes hideous, sometimes unearthly beautiful, and sometimes even something so monstrous it has no name. But be careful attracting Ionu's attention. You might get more than you bargain for. One of his or her favorite forms is a crow or raven that tends to be all colors at once, not just simply black like the God/dess appears at first glance.



Ionu's Appearances
heightFire Walk With MeAppears to Sondra, Terminus Norvin, and Leo Varniak though visiting Glav Navik.
heightSeasons of ChangeAppears to Dhanya and marks her in its crow form.
heightDrowning the WillAppears to Hadrian and marks him after a test of morals.