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Isurian Construction Toolkit

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Background, Appearance and Abilities

Said to be made by Izurdin's hand, himself, this toolkit is incredibly old. It has a wide variety of tools in it - all the standard construction tools of the trade - plus a few extras such as a sledge hammer, folding set of sawhorses, and sharpeners for the tools within. It has utility knives, tap & dyes, various types of saws, screw drivers, hammers, all sorts of fasteners, tape measures, woodworking tools (planer, chisel, file, etc), a drill - basically any hand item a construction worker might need. The clincher is that each and every tool is made from Isurian Steel and built to last. While old, the set is not worn other than the battered wooden steamer trunk the kit comes in.

Last Known Location

This Isurian Construction Toolkit was discovered by Crylon Stonecraft, an Isur builder, on the 78th of Winter 518 AV and have remained in his possession since.


Isurian Construction Toolkit
heightWeek Challenge (29th-3rd)Gossamer awards the challenge winners.
heightTo Gaze Upon a Fallen RideCrylon Stonecraft discovers this Isurian construction toolkit.