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A watchful Ivaski.
Threat levelHigh-Medium
Major featuresWhite Fur, Sharp Teeth
Most common inKonti Isle

Ivaski are large white canines of extreme intelligence. Bred in the Opal Temple as protectors and companions, an Ivaski is extremely rare to come by outside of the Opal Order. Most healers in the Opal Order have at least one or two of these Ivaski with them at all times for protection as they travel Mizahar. Rumors are widespread that these canines have an almost supernatural ability to understand people, with some of them even able to speak to their masters within their masters minds. Ivaski are larger than an average wolf and are characterised by their pure coat.


Physical Characteristics

Ivaski are a breed of Canine more closely related to wolves than actual dogs. An Ivaski can be recognised immediately by its pure white fur. An Ivaski generally has slightly longer legs than a wolf in proportion to its body as an Ivaski is generally larger than the more common wolves. Ivaski generally stand anywhere between 3’5” to 4’2” at the shoulder and most commonly found to stand at about 3’11”. From nose to the tip of the tail, they usually measure around 7 feet but can be within 8 inches either side of this mark. They can weigh in at anything between 135-150lbs.

Ivaski are capable of covering great distances easily because they have a long tiredless stride that while not particularly swift, is something they can maintain for long periods of time. During a chase, an Ivaski doesn't rely on its speed to catch herd animals. Instead it has a sharp eye and normally has the ability to pick out the weakest individual immediately and cleverly separate it from the protection of its herd. When hunting in packs, Ivaski are masters at ambush predation. One individual can often get a herd running in the direction it wants driving them into a trap laid by its fellows. In addition, Ivaskai have been known to hunt in partnership with their Konti masters, often substituting the women for additional pack members.

Ivaski are also good swimmers, their large paws have a small amount of webbing between each toe while the paws themselves are quite large. While not proficient enough swimmers for catching seals and fish in the water (catching sunbathing seals is something they love doing...), they can cross rivers and larger bodies of water with relative ease.

Ivaski pups, much like their wolven cousins, are born with ice blue eyes. But unlike their cousins these do not change until around 28 months into their lives when they grow into adulthood.

Life Cycle

Ivaski are very long-lived creatures, even in the wild. Generally they can live for about twenty years, but as they are normally bred and raised in captivity by the Opal Order, they can reach about twenty-five. An Ivaski is found most active up to around eighteen years by which point, age starts to take its toll on the creature.

An Ivaski Pup is born after around three months of pregnancy and weighs merely a few pounds. They are born blind and deaf and a litter usually consists of around three to four pups. A pup relies on its mother for around another three months after which it is more confident in itself and will play fight as pups do. A pup does not reach maturity until around two and a half years after birth at which point its eyes turn brown or golden yellow. There are rare cases of pups retaining their blue eyes, however this usually only in Ivaski Kelvics. Ivaski reach sexual maturity at about three years of age.

Social Structure

Ivaski are pack animals but as they are bred by the Konti, they usually see the Kennelmaster as the pack leader. Ivaski Packs differ from typical packs in that, non-dominant male and female Ivaski mating does not cause them to be cast out, though this is believed to be as more of a result of their breeding with the Opal Temple. Pups will rely on their mother for the first fews months of their life, after which they looked out for by other members of the pack as well as their Mother.

Ivaski are bred as protectors for the Konti, they recognise Konti they are assigned to much as a dog would its owner however they are utterly obedient. There are rumours that Ivaski have a supernatural ability to understand people and it is believed that some are able to communicate with their masters minds directly. This has yet to be confirmed.

Ivaski Kelvics

Occasionally a Kelvic will be born with an Ivaski base, and those individuals usually end up on Konti Isle working within the kennels of the Ivaski themselves or bonded to a Konti woman. Once such individual is Skyla Nivan, Opal Order Healer, and kennelmaster of the Opal Temple. Skyla's presence is proof positive that the Ivaski are possessing a rare intelligence, for most Kelvic have no concept of religion.