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Jecore Iceglaze

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Jecore Iceglaze
Date of birth447 AV (aged 76)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitlePavintu Janta of the Iceglaze
Gnosis marks


To say Jecore is a people person is an understatement. He practically oozes confidence and charisma, a magnet for people. Jecore has no problem sitting down and listening to the problems of others, no matter how tight his own schedule is. It is a wide known fact that Jecore loves puzzles, whether he is receiving them or dealing them out. In fact, when one speaks with Jecore, they often walk away with a puzzle box of some sort. Walking down the streets of Avanthal, Jecore periodically stops to talk with children and tell them riddles.


Jecore stands at five foot eight and appears to weigh around one hundred and forty pounds. He has skin of a darker shade that wrestles with his few wrinkles. A gruff mustache speckled with black and white matches orange-highlighted, smoothed back hair. Soulful eyes hold every color under the sky on a daily basis. At first glance, one would automatically assume Jecore knows what he is doing and where he is going based only on his straight posture and confident stride. His hands are worn and calloused from years of working hard. More often than not, one can find Jecore surrounded by puzzle boxes with icestone shavings still drying on his clothing.


Jecore picked up his first carving tool when he was just young enough to walk. Much to his mother's dismay, Jecore was allowed to keep the tool with his father's permission. As the years passed, Jecore learned how to utilize the tool to the best of its ability. This included how to care for the tools and create objects. Jecore's first piece of ice-stone was carved into a jagged circle that had been butchered by the tool's sharp edge and Jecore's inexperienced hands.

Soon enough, Jecore learned what he enjoyed carving the best. Boxes. Jecore adored creating puzzle boxes with carvings on the inside. By creating the shapes and interlacing pieces of icestone and wood together, Jecore could hide small objects inside. In fact, Jecore used this technique to ask his wife out and to also express his love.

When Gensen Iceglaze first approached Jecore for a puzzle box, the pair had hit it off immediately. Bells upon bells were spent discussing anything and everything, laughter filling the room. The two had a friendship for years before Gensen asked Jecore for advice on something political. To the best of his ability, Jecore answered. Ever since then, Gensen had come to Jecore for advice and help.

In the Spring of 513 Jecore was made Pavintu Janta of the Iceglaze Hold after the unexpected death of Gensen Iceglaze the previous season. He accepted the position with a heavy heart at the loss of his young friend but sees to his duty with conviction and easy charisma.