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Big and Bad
Date of birth481 AV (aged 42)
Place of birthThe Burning Lands
TitleGuardian of the Pit

Jhinapar is a mammoth of a man standing at 6'5 and weighting 280 lbs. His features are rough to say the least and most people would prefer not to look at him. Long black stringy hair covers his huge head and like all Chaktawe he has tan skin and his eyes are jet black. His body is wide, though mostly meat and less muscle, and his legs are a bit thin for his size.

Always found hanging around the Pit, Jhin has become the unofficial brawling trainer for Wind Reach, teaching generations of Yasi how to safely fight while also prepping Avora and Endal for things they might encounter while hunting or protecting the city.


Jhinaspar was born into the Tatsuwaat tribe and spend is youth in the deserts with his family. His father was a hunter and his mother created earthenware. He lived in a family of five along with his brother Junapar and his sister Nolapa.

Jhinapar was already husky as this age, but for reasons unknown his legs hadn't grown into proportion making him slow and he started to have trouble with his knees and caused him to limp. This made him the least favorite in the family, as it was unlikely that he would be a strong hunter.

During the "Searching" At age fifteen, Jhinaspar was banished from the tribe and left on his own. His family didn't think that he would make it alone, and he planned to prove them wrong. It was a very hard time for him and although he had water, he wasn't doing well with the hunt.

He prayed to Eywaat for guidance and was granted a single cryptic prophecy that said, "Look to the mountains and follow the Wind." He was told by a guardian to head to Wind Reach. When he arrived in Wind Reach things were not as he expected. He was placed into the dek caste because of his legs and his inability to speak the Inartan language well enough that people could understand him. His life had become a nightmare but he knew that he would have to endure to fulfill his destiny.


There isn't much to say about Jhinapar's personality, as he is a very simple man. The strong silent type, he keeps to himself and doesn't really trust those around him. He is easy to anger and has been known to grab a dek or two that angered him. On the other hand, he has a sense of professionalism while he is training or teaching, having more patience in these circumstances than normal.