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Jod Murandan

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Jod Murandan
RaceHuman (Nykan)
Date of birth446 AV (aged 74)
Place of birthNyka
TitleHigh Priest of the Tempered Anvil


Though Jod can still hold a hammer, his many years at work (along with a bit of unlucky blood) have left his knuckles brittle and his eyes unfocused. Though he no longer spends every waking hour at the headquarters’ workshop, he is always keen on a good discussion on art or philosophy. Quick to accompany a cruel opinion with a daring smile, he especially loves to offer critique on jewels and jewelry. Though he keeps his door open and spends much time in public places, only novices are fooled by his open demeanor: he loves to argue but he hates to be wrong, and he has developed a knack for making sure he never is. When he does not use blatant intimidation to inspire a concession, he can easily turn a man’s words against him. If a brave mind does engage in a battle of wits with him, they are like to learn a thing or two.


Jod does not talk about his family much, though it is said that his father was the monk that inspired him to join. Though not initially interested in the art of jewelcraft, he took to the trade easily and developed a strong passion for it; when he was not working, he was talking about working. Some say it was his talent that allowed him to rise in the ranks, but others blame it on his quick tongue, which praises as easily as it insults. Whatever the case, he has held the position longer than most, and many opinions have stirred concerning his retirement.