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Date of birth451 AV (aged 72)
Place of birthLhavit
TitleSaya of the Seiza

Johelm is the current Saya of the Sieza. The Seiza is the judiciary sect of The Constellations, a cult devoted to Zintila based in Lhavit. He holds three Gnosis marks from Zintila, and two from Tyveth.


Johelm is the image of balance. Although by now the man can be considered old, Johelm has always been told he was an old soul in a young body. Unlike the other Saya, he can be mistaken for somber and sad, although the opposite is true. Johelm is one to bear difficulty with great ease and an excellent mediator. Like the Seiza are meant to be, he seeks only the truth with the purpose of bettering his beloved city. And because of his famous impartiality, Johelm can be seen as an ally to some and an enemy to other. Although in his view, and that of the general Seiza members, Johelm is completely independent of good or evil, only seeking the truth, however bitter or sweet it may be. Unlike the other governmental factions, Johelm holds a strict importance on justice through truth, not perceived rights or wrongs. With this in mind, the man is a pacifist, which shows in the decisions made by him and the other members of the Seiza.


Johelm was born and raised in Lhavit, just like most of the city's citizens. As a young man, Johelm wished to be a merchant, hoping to lessen the isolation of the city. But as he proved to be a horrible navigator, and quickly realized the impossibility of the task, Johelm had to search for a different occupation. Out of curiosity, he took an interest in the Constellations, although he was not a very religious young man.

Once Johelm began to grow more and more interested in Zintila and her faith, he committed very quickly to the cult. Being so wise, he quickly rose in ranks with many of the Constellations listening to him. It was only natural that he followed the judiciary route and was not challenged when Zintila chose him to become Saya at the young age of twenty-six. Since than, like the other two Saya's, Johelm has held a very close relationship with Lhavit's patron Alvina.

Since Hayani's death, Johelm has worked very hard to restore the balance in Lhavit through his role within the city and has gained considerably more recognition from Zintila as a result. Many believe that the Goddess has approached him for championship, but in favor of balance, the wise man had turned down the opportunity. Although no one can confirm this rumor, many are willing to believe it.

Role in the Constellations

Johelm knows he is not the law-maker. Nor is he the one who enforces it. But as the decider of truth, he becomes the mediator between right and wrong. As a result, his work is usually final, and his advice is always listened to. Although he is utterly equal in power to the other Saya, Johelm is listened to by the leaders of all factions. Even the three towers will come to him for advice, even if they no longer play a part in the political arena.

Johelm is believed to mirror Zintila's view on most things and is respected because of it. His decisions reflect on most of Lhavit, as does his pacifist nature. Despite the recent upheaval of the city's politics, Johelm struggled to keep the judicial sect pure and fair, even if the rest of Lhavit was in chaos. For the most part, he has succeeded in that. However, he was recently unable to keep the Tenya with the same demeanor during Hayani's rule.