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Josaan Winterflame

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Josaan Winterflame

Such Simple Games We Play
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleYoung Hypnotist
Unarmed Combat20
Gnosis marks


Josaan is short for a male Vantha, standing at about 5'5. His features are more feminine from his almond shaped eyes to his soft features. His hair is dark like the rest of his race and highlighted with a beautiful shade of emerald green. His eyes usually rest at a calm mahogany but will shift with his emotions.

Josaan dresses nicely most of the time. He likes to keep in the darker shades for his cloths and furs since he rarely leaves the city and does not have a need to blend in with the snow. His shy demeanor often makes him seem almost invisible although if someone takes the time to get to know him he is actually quite friendly.


Josaan is a quiet Vantha and a little bit shy. While he wants to be friendly with people he is often to scared in fear of messing up around others. He is very studious, liking to focus his attention on magic such as auristics and his favorite, hypnotism. He is an extremely hard worker who wants to excel at everything he does. In his mind, if he is too scared to speak he needs to let his actions speak for him.

When speaking to Josaan he will be social and even try to keep up a conversation. He is just very nervous about doing so. He rarely engages others in conversation without them speaking to him first. Despite being shy he is not very self conscious when it comes to his skills. He has a lot of pride in what he does since he knows dwelling on how bad he finds his skills to be will not help him.

If someone finds that they are getting to know Josaan better they find that he is actually quite interesting to talk to. He is extremely intelligent and when he wants to be, funny. After getting to know him one would wonder why he was so shy in the first place.

Josaan is very open to helping people when it is needed. He has been known to try to teach others the magic he has taught himself. While he might be a bit nervous at first with the lessons as time goes on and he forms a relationship with the person he is teaching the pair often can find themselves being friends.


Josaan was born in during the winter of 492 AV to Renalt and Deana Winterflame. The pair were both cooks at the Luminary Commons and wanted nothing more than to see their son grow up to join them. It was an honor to work at the Luminary Commons since it meant one got to work under Nenvar Winterflame, the leader of Winterflame Hold.

Josaan was raised learning how to cook in Winterflame Hold but as he grew older the idea of cooking and serving seemed to appeal to him less and less. While most kids in his Hold were working on making new recipes and dishes to show their friends and family, he found himself sneaking off to the library. People talked in Avanthal about all kinds of things. Magic was one of them and Josaan wanted to know more.

As the years went on, Josaan studied while trying to at least pretend like he was putting an effort into his cooking. There was a part of him that liked it. He was a Winterflame after all. It just was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

Soon, Josaan was met with the issue of having to be employed. Vantha were a hard working race and once a person got to a certain age they were expected to work to keep the hold prosperous. This was when he began to teach others magic.