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Jungle Wilds Insects

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The following contains a partial list of the insects that inhabit Falyndar's Jungle Wilds.

File:Arrow Wasp-1-.jpg Arrow Wasp

Arrow Wasps are a couple inches in length and enjoy making their nests high up in the canopy. Their stings are painful, and result in minor swelling, not a problem if you only receive one, but Arrow Wasps never travel alone...

File:Comet blood moth.jpg Comet Blood Moth

Comet Blood Moths are nocturnal hunters that feed off of blood. An anticoagulant in their spittle prevents their feeding site from closing while they lap at the blood. Large insects, they tend to feed mainly off of Tskanna, who rarely notice the company. The two species harbor a symbiotic relationship since the Comet Moth is often able to injest and remove toxins and illnesses from a Tskannas blood in return for their meal. Myrian legends speak of children getting caught out at night, being bitten by Comet Blood Moths and within the next cycle of Leth turning into one themselves.

File:Dew Beetle-1-.jpg Dew Beetle

Dew Beetles are small curious insects that tend to gather in large numbers after a torrential rainfall, collecting beads of dew to retain their body moisture and to drink as it is from these which the beetles gain all necessary nutrients to function. They are highly sought after for their incandescent and multi-faceted shells, and certain Myrian clans even breed them.

File:Hideaway Spider-2-.jpg Hideaway Spider

Hideaway Spiders are nocturnal arachnids ranging in size from 1 foot to 2 and a half feet long (largest one recorded). Natural burrowers they dig a complex cavern for themselves usually beneath large trees and maintain several covered holes in which they moniter the forest floor, jumping from beneath the earth to ambush and drag their prey back into their lair. While not large enough to take out any sentient life their bites are extremely painful and prone to infection if received.

File:Olidasapux beetle-2-.jpg Olidosapux Beetle

Olidosapux Beetles are most often found in the densest and driest parts of Falyndar. Average size of these creatures is around 7 inches in length, but stories tell of certain one's growing to rival the size of jaguars, foraging in the most wild corners of the jungle undisturbed. Normally these insects are placid and unobtrusive, but if agitated they will bite, and with horns and pincers that size...

File:Red Biting Beetle-1-.jpg Red Biting Beetle

The Red Biting Beetle is usually no bigger than a thumbnail, and as solitary creatures it is rare to find more than one at a time. An insect that lives off of blood, Biting Beetles launch themselves from the canopy on top of their unsuspecting prey and latch onto the flesh. Their bite is painful, but because of a powerful set of jaws coupled with a thick shell for an insect of that size it is nearly impossible to remove one without cutting off the flesh around its hold. If you are not willing to do that you must simply wait until the beetle is done feeding, wherein it will let go and fall in a stupor to the forest floor until it regains enough energy to climb back up into the canopy for its next attack.

File:Rhythness-2-.jpg Rythness

Rythness is a brightly hued butterfly that often gathers around large bodies of water. Beautiful to behold, their wings give off a fine powder that dulls the senses and if exposed to it long enough will knock a traveler unconcious. Their name means 'sleeping death' in Myrian.