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Junior Storytellers

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Junior Storytellers are the designation for teen staff members that are in training to become Assistant Storytellers or are volunteering to help flesh out lore and regional design by joining the staff in a capacity that holds less responsibility than Assistant and Domain Storytellers.

As many people are aware, Mizahar’s age limit on staff starts at eighteen years of age. We do this for multiple reasons, however, that doesn’t mean that younger individuals don’t have a great deal to offer the site as a whole. Young people can and do contribute enormously to Mizahar on a daily basis through roleplay, world development forum projects, and helpful public advice to new players. Now, we are introducing a whole new way young players can contribute to Mizahar and actually be on staff.

Mizahar is proud to introduce the Junior Storyteller Program. This is a program designed exclusively for the under eighteen years of age crowd to give them exposure and responsibility to multiple forms of storytelling styles and organizational levels. This gives these individuals a way to contribute officially to Mizahar within the ranks of staff. Due to the site rules of no children under the age of thirteen, the minimum age for a JrSt must be thirteen. This program, however, is geared towards older teens who miss the age mark (18) for a full staff position by a few years but want to try their hand at being on staff.


Where Are Junior Storyteller's Assigned?

Junior Storytellers are assigned by Region. JrSt’s have a Regional Storyteller (RS) or Founder who is in charge of them. Conversely a Domain Storyteller may be assigned as a ‘Regional Leader’ if the Region is without an RS. This leadership role of Regional Leader can be a local Domain Storyteller in the event that there is no Regional Storyteller has been assigned a region and no Founder volunteers to mentor the JrSt. The following are the six regions available:

  • Sylira
  • Taldera
  • Kalea
  • Cyphrus
  • Eyktol
  • Falyndar

There are no limits to the number of Junior Storytellers present in a region. However, there are some guidelines on what Junior Storyteller activity should be. Juniors are allowed to do a large number of activities; however their priority is on development and quest design and implementation of these two things. That means the day to day work in a region such as grading, answering questions, greeting, etc are not required of them. They can, however, volunteer for such things as the need arises and they have the time and skill.


To apply to be a Junior Storyteller, the individual must be between the ages of 13-17 and be active on the site posting regularly for at least sixty days. They must acquire a RS/Founder/DS recommendation and approval so that they can be mentored within the Region of their choosing. Once this permission has been obtained, they must fill out an application (see below) and post it in the help desk along with the recommendation from the their sponsering RS/Founder/DS.

Job Description

Junior storytellers need to be active, online and participating at least seven hours a week, or at least an hour a day on average. They need to answer their private messages promptly and complete their assigned projects with alacrity. JrSts should be assigned such things as:

  • Locations throughout their Region.
  • NPCs throughout their Region.
  • Organizations throughout their Region.
  • Major Regional Features such as roads, bridges, topography, and culture.
  • Minor Activity (such as Festivals etc) or Training Threads.
  • Supporting roles in Major Quests such as a critical NPCs.

JrSts must not concentrate solely on one Domain. They are expected to float around and assist Domain Storytellers throughout the region in all sorts of ways so that they can get exposure to various management styles and means of running domains. JrSt’s are also encouraged to move up in the ranks to Assistant Storytellers if they are active for one hundred and twenty days with a resume of numerous projects and RS/Founder/DS recommendations under their belt. Exceptional JrSt’s can move up, on rare occasions, faster if they have the recommendation of an RS or Founder.

How Does One Apply?

First an interested youth must select a region and then get into communication with the person listed as the regional contact. Upon acquiring that person’s approval and recommendation, the following application can be submitted for Founder Approval via The Help Desk.

Application for Junior Storyteller (JrSt)

   1. What is your name?
   2. What is your age?
   3. Which Region are you applying for?
   4. What makes this Region stand out for you above other regions?
   5. Please provide the recommendation and approval note of the Regional Contact.
   6. Please give us some ideas you may want to work on as JrSt for the Region.
   7. Please list the Region’s strengths and weaknesses in your opinion.
   8. Please list your favorite things to roleplay about or be involved in on Mizahar.
   9. Are you interested in being a JrSt on a permanent basis or is this a stepping stone to Assistant Storyteller?
   10. Is there anything else you’d like to add?