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Kalai Timandre

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Kalai Timandre
Date of birth377 AV (aged 146)
Place of birthMura
TitleOwner of Silver Lake Lodge
Gnosis marks

At first sight the Konti looks like a country girl, pretty with her hazel eyes and straight hair, but not exceptionally so, kind, but ordinary. However, people who visit the Silver Lake Lodge soon recognize that Kalai is the good spirit behind the business. She serves customers, does the household, commands the children to help and her husband as well – although Thaporros would never openly admit that. But the only way Kalai could become so strong was to abandon her family, to break with their tradition, because earning money for working with Avalis’ gift is very much frowned upon. These days, she hardly ever looks back, but when she does there are few good memories. Also, she gave up the comfort and experience of her ancestors with Divination and thus had to get used to it supported by the mere love and help of her husband. Being exceptionally sensitive, she always wears a pair of long, white gloves to protect her hands from the impressions around her. When someone wishes a prophecy, of course Kalai removes them and touches their skin with a light-hearted smile, although she suffers from the intensity of the pictures every time. After all, she is just glad to provide advice for them.