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Though found throughout Mizahar, the Katalimaru are most commonly spotted in northern waters. It is thought they are seen in higher frequency there because they like to actually leave the water and bask on ice shelves where they become clearly visible to the people who actually inhabit the northern lands - the Vantha.

Northern Katalimaru tend to be white in color often tinged with opalescence. Reports have them being red and orange in coloration off the southern waters and decidedly green and blue within the Suvan itself. Odds are, however, they are colored and tinted randomly or are able to change their colors with mood or habitat based on need.

Growing anywhere from ten feet (at a juvenile stage) to eighty feet at a fully adult stage, Katalimaru are almost snakelike with flippers and a tall arching dorsal fin that travels the length of their bodies. Their heads resemble horses, though their bodies are scaled. And while they have no limbs, their bodies have incredibly beautiful fins that run both dorsal ventrically and up their flanks. They move by undulating through the water and are considered predators at the apex of most ocean food chains. Their food of choice seems to be sharks, small whales, porpoises, and other larger marine mammals.

Katalimaru are often considered closely related to Velispar and might be an aquatic cousin to these giant land wyrms. They reach mature size at well over two hundred years, and often linger as juveniles only growing into maturity when there's been decades of abundant food sources within their home waters.