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Gods of Lost Causes
RaceGod and Goddess
TitleTwins of Last Resort
DomainLost Causes
Divine rank3

Kelwyn is the collective name of the Goddess Kel and the God Wyn, a set of twins who preside over and help all lost causes.



When a cause or person seems thoroughly lost, Kelwyn are inclined to give whatever aid they can to rescue the cause or person from oblivion and obscurity. However, one who petitions the quirky twins runs the risk of them making things worse. Therefore, they really are the gods of last resort. Kelwyn have few truly devoted followers, since they work to remove causes from their domain. They are commonly worshiped alongside other gods out of appreciation for past aid.


Before men came to Mizahar, Kel, the sister, and Wyn, the brother were regarded as useful helpers to the greater gods. They had a talent for attending to the messier matters other gods found beneath them and spotting potential for future problems. However, gods began to assume the twins would attend to certain matters and forgot that they were deities in their own right.

When men arrived, the curious twins began to wander Mizahar in disguise. On one such visit they found a young woman who had been cast out of her tribe. Considered worthless by her family, the girl was trying to survive, but doing a terrible job of it. Pitying the young woman, the twins helped her as they had helped the greater gods for eons. But this time, the twins were rewarded with a fervent gratitude. Enjoying this feeling, the twins decided to continue to help those who seemed lost.

Kel and Wyn put aside their role as helpers to the greater gods and began to look over the land for those all else had given up as lost. In time, word of the twins spread among man, but it was paired with warning. Sometimes, the twin's solutions were worse than the problem they sought to solve. Especially if the petitioner had not exhausted most of their own strength. The twins had spent too long helping the strong already.

Personality and Appearance

The twins are notorious for being smart-mouthed to all and quarrelsome with one another. Kel tends to have more common sense, whereas Wyn will try anything. Whenever successfully called upon, the siblings prove entertaining. However, beneath their antics, they are truly tender-hearted towards mortals and fiercely loyal to one another.

Kel, the sister, has short blonde hair and bright eyes and tends to be less formal in her attire. Her usual garb is a blue tunic and knee high boots. Wyn, the brother, has longer hair than his sister and has rakish panache in his attire, favoring red sashes and a seamen's clothes.


The twins will try to cajole, persuade or bribe any god or goddess who can help aid the lost cause. Due to their willingness to keep secrets and perform favors, the twins have acquired a fair amount of currency among the gods.


The gnosis of Kelwyn is Hapchance, the ability to create a random miraculous event that may or may not benefit the follower.