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Date of birth162 AV (aged 361)
Place of birthThe Spires

History: A rather soft spoken Jamouran, Kesha is the keeper of the Shrine to Rak’keli, supplying many of the plants used on the Medical Petal. Devoting her life to the art herbalism, Kesha spent many of her years studying the natural flora of the Spires. Many say that she can tell what kind of plants are around her just by listening to their leaves or petals rustle in the wind. If asked, she denies this little rumor with a shake of her head and a knowing smile, never actually commenting on the matter.

In her younger years, she stumbled upon a natural garden high in the treetops, the floor made of mossy loam and home to many medicinal plants that were unique to all of Mizahar. This natural wonder seemed to be protected by vines that created a natural hall, sunlight filtering through the vines and flowers and centering on a cluster of white flowers near the end of the hall. Kesha was in awe of the place, and decided to cultivate and care for the place, in the end dedicating her time and talents in service to Rak’keli. As she took care of the garden, many came to visit and study the plants that grew there, often staying for hours and asking her advice on each plant before going to pray at the feet of the white flowers near the end of the hall. Not long after that, Kesha’s garden was soon named the Shrine to Rak’keli and is still cared for by her to this day.

Additional Information

Kesha is employed at Shrine to Rak'keli