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Kima Cherry Tree

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Kima Cherry Tree

Kima Cherry Tree
Major featuresBerry-producing, fragrant, pink tree
AbilitiesFragrance, baking
Most common inWind Reach

The Kima Cherry tree is well enjoyed by the Inarta. They're found only in one place, the Cherry Grove. The cherries are incredibly sweet, and make excellent pies and other baked goods. The cherries are also abundant, with almost 4,000 cherries per tree during the late spring and early summer. Most people who come to the Cherry Grove to enjoy the cherries will discover that most of them seem to be pitted, courtesy of the Chakama Bird, who eats only the pits.

The Kima cherry tree has dark, almost black branches, that contrast highly with the light green leaves and pastel pink flowers. They're quite a beautiful site, but all attempts to cultivate them outside of the Cherry Grove has failed. No one is exactly sure where they came from, as no one remembers planting them or somehow accessing the seeds. The flowers can be made into a potent perfume that almost anyone may find irresistible, and it makes good money collecting many petals and turning them into perfume to sell to traders. The perfume can be very expensive. Rumors have it that the Kima cherry tree was blessed by Cheva, which contributes to the romantic air that the trees have, but few actually know for sure.

The scent of the Kima blossoms still lingers even after all of the petals fall, and it's said that the beautiful perfume is infused with even the bark and the Chakama birds themselves.