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The Progression Tree Of The Kuvay'Nas
While Riverfall does not have an official standing army, there is a significant force under Nivar Chevan's command based in the city of Riverfall. Fluctuating in numbers based on how dangerous the times are, the Kuvay'Nas may swell or shrink depending upon the atmosphere in the region. The Akalak themselves are primarily reactive, but tend to have a sixth sense on what will be needed in the region. Having a general population that is well trained and at the level of Kuvan or higher, the Kavran are not hard to find. It is fairly easy as well for Kavran to rise in the ranks and acquire training in their perspective fields.

Squad Leaders and Commanders are given rooms in the lodge as part of their settlement packages. Training in perspective branches are provided free of charge though once a person volunteers for service, one is inspected to show up and carry out that service or there is huge penalties to pay, including loss of rank. Squad members and general Kavran reside in their private homes. Commanders and Squad Leaders have the same option if they choose to refuse private rooms in the lodge. The Calvary maintains their own mounts, pulling from local breeders to get the best fighting stock.

Training is carried out informally but rigorously, with each squad having its own style and theme.


The Branches

The Infantry Branch

By and large the biggest most extensive branch of the Kuvay'Nas, The Infantry Branch consists of most of the foot soldiers and trained watch in Riverfall. Not only does this branch turn out for city defense, but they respond to natural disasters, act as firefighters and emergency responders. All infantry are trained in combat - unarmed and weapons. Quite a few also have medical training as well.

The Calvary Branch

The mounted division of The Kuvay'Nas act as crowd control and event security in the city itself. They patrol the parks and act as guides outside the city. The Calvary Branch often heads up the raids that are taken place on the Sea of Grass and act as messengers when Nevar Chevan sends out a call to need. Most ride warhorses owned by the Kuvay'Nas and acquired from local specialty breedersc.

The Intelligence Branch

A more nefarious side of the Kuvay'Nas, the intelligent branch members are not always known. These individuals carry out the intelligence branch's need and scout or infiltrate as needed in various other organizations and cities. The Intelligence branch members are not always at Riverfall, but might be scattered to the four winds.

The Archer Branch

These trained yoeman carry out all sorts of security duty in the city and are some of the most valuable members of the Kuvay'Nas during zith attacks and incidents where archers are necessary. Archers also are known to hunt to assist their training, giving the meat to members of Riverfalls society who are going through hard times. Trained in other weapons as well, Archers are universally useful and important to the city and its needs.

The Ranks, Duties & Pay

The Principle Commander

The Principle Commander is in charge of the entire Kuvay'Nas. They select the Branch Commanders and oversee the issues the Kuvay'Nas deal with daily. The Principle Commander answers directly to Nivar Chevan himself.
Skill Requirement: 75+ in Leadership, 100 In Primary Weapon & 100 in a primary Branch Skill (Bow, Weapon, Riding, Intelligence), 50 in all other branch skills.
Thread Requirement: Two meetings a season, two training threads a season, one Principle Commander meeting a season
Pay: 12 GM/day + Level Bonus

Branch Commanders

Branch Commanders are in charge of their entire branch. They support their Squad Leaders – hand picking them - and guide them in their leadership roles. Branch commanders assign squads to various duties, maintain the squads training, and guide the branches in the direction they see fit under the Principle Commander’s leadership. Branch Commanders answer only to the Principle Commander.
Skill Requirement: 50 in Leadership, 75 In Primary Weapon & 75 in Branch Skill (Bow, Weapon, Riding, Intelligence)
Thread Requirement: Two missions a season, two training threads a season, one squad leader meeting a season
Pay: 9 GM/day + Level Bonus

Squad Leaders

Squad Leaders are well versed in their profession and have been assigned leadership positions among their peers. They have authority over their squad and make sure their squad is training and performing their duties up to par. Squad Leaders are granted a permanent residence at the Kuvay’Nas Lodge if they do not have alternative housing. This living arrangement is considered part of their pay package and includes meals. Squad Leaders have the right to determine the name of their own squad and can cherry pick its members from Zavran and even Kavran. Squad Leaders answer to particular branch’s Commander.
Skill Requirement: 25 In Leadership, 50 In Primary Weapon & 50 in Branch Skill (Bow, Weapon, Riding, Intelligence)
Thread Requirement: Two missions a season, two training threads a season, one squad meeting thread.
Pay: 7 GM/day + Level Bonus

Branch Kavran

Kavran have picked their career pathways and started training towards them. If their skills are up to par, the branches and have recruited the General Kavran into them and made the members full Kavran. They are assigned to the general pool of Kavran until such a time as a squad leader cherry picks them into their squad based on performance, personality, and aptitude. Squad Leaders have been known to dual over the right to pick a new Kavran for their squad if more than one leader wants the recruit. Squads have ten members and a Squad Leader. Branch Kavran answer to their Branch Squad Leaders.
Skill Requirement: 25 In Primary Weapon & 25 in Branch Skill (Bow, Weapon, Riding, Intelligence)
Thread Requirement: Two missions a season, two training threads a season.
Pay: 5 GM/day + Level Bonus

General Kavran

Kavran are the general admittance volunteers. They often patrol the city and sometimes pair up with various individuals of the four branches to learn about those branches.
Skill Requirement: None, though actively working on weapons and specialty skills
Thread Requirements: Three patrol (or the equivalent of) threads a season.
Pay: Volunteer position thus unpaid.