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Larceny refers to the skills used to pilfer objects or in breaking and entering, such as lock picking, simple trap avoidance, and pickpocketing. Individuals who regularly use this skill are known surprisingly enough as thieves. Usually, one does not simply learn how to break into and enter a place without having some idea how to pick a lock. In turn, one does not learn how to pick a lock without knowing something about trap avoidance. Picking pockets involves a little of everything else, requiring one to be quiet, quick, and able to avoid potential trouble. Thus, all of these various talents come together in the realm of larceny. Larceny is common in the lands of Mizahar where so many people are poor, desperate and left with little other choice. Most common criminals have some ability in Larceny, while some of the more cunning individuals enforcing laws and managing the security of places and people also may benefit from the skill.

Prerequisites and Related Skills

It is amazing how many other skills can aid one in the pursuit of Larceny. Locksmithing goes without saying while skill in Carpentry, Architecture, and Gadgeteering can all benefit the use of Larceny.

Skill Progression

Novice (1-25)
A Novice is just getting into the trade. They are quite rough in their technique and are easily caught compared to those with greater skill. While a Novice isn't required to focus on any particular area of Larceny, they often do. Pickpockets are seen as the most common type of thief since prowling around a busy marketplace allows one ample opportunity to snatch a money pouch or slip a few coins from the pocket of a tunic. Grabbing an apple from a fruit stand is another common form of Larceny practiced by a Novice. Some do try their hand at breaking and entering or locking picking, but such tasks do not come as easily for the Novice.
Competent (26-50)
Competent thieves are a good bit more effective than their lesser peers. While pickpocketing and general stealing are still skillfully practiced, the Competent thieves often get involved in the more dangerous forms of Larceny such as breaking and entering and lock-picking. They usually have their own set of tools for such tasks and also become more familiar with a variety of traps. They have learned the art of prowling, moving around quietly and without being seen, and always make themselves familiar with getaway routes and learn their environment so as to best use it to their advantage.
Expert (51-75)
Thieves who are considered Experts in their trade pick pockets as easily as they breathe and move with such grace that their pockets fill with all manner of items, sometimes without them even thinking about it. Picking locks is more of a pastime than a challenge and breaking and entering is as easy as putting on a hat. They are silent hunters of things not their own. Experts are well-versed in avoiding traps and can even construct a few of their own with the right materials. The Expert's environment is their ally and their tools are their weapons in their war against others keeping valuables from them.
Master (76-100)
A Master thief is a bane to all who wish not to have their possessions stolen from them, for such an individual is nearly impossible to stop or catch. The Master can bypass almost any normal lock, disarm any normal trap, pick any pocket, and enter any structure with ease. They are never seen or heard and some theft victims claim that the thief literally stole the shirt off their back before the victim even knew that it was gone.