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Lee'ena Snowsong

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Lee'ena Snowsong

Wintery Priestess
Date of birth492 AV (aged 31)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitlePriestess of The Temple of Everwinter


Lee'ena is a small girl standing at about 5'3. She is slender and is lighter skinned than most Vantha because she spends most of her time in the Temple of Everwinter. She has a soft voice and is very quiet. She is patient and a good listener which has gotten her a good reputation in the city. She teaches people meditation and often works alongside Sefarrah Whitevine when funerals need to be performed.


Lee'ena was born into the Skyglow hold the 1st of Spring AV. The majority of her childhood was spent with her priest father at the temple. She liked seeing all of the different people who came to get in touch with Morwen. She often would talk to visitors of the temple and she loved to hear all of their different stories. Once she was old enough to learn how to meditate her father began to teach her how to be a priestess. She was a quick learner and her father knew that she was the perfect person to take over when he was unable to work anymore. Lee'ena worked diligently at her father's side until he was too elderly to work.

Now Lee'na is in charge of the temple and she works hard for her father. She is very soft-spoken and often will not talk to someone unless they talk to her first. She does make a habit of saying hello to everyone who enters the temple. She does it as a way to try and make her less nervous about talking to people, but she also does it to make people feel welcome. She is very skilled in meditation and storytelling. She offers help to anyone who needs help meditating. It is said that no one in Avanthal is as in touch with their spirituality as Lee'ena. If one can get the soft-spoken priestess to talk, she is actually a brilliant conversationalist. She has very interesting stories; she just does not think anyone wants to hear them.

Lee'ena is also at every funeral in Avanthal considering she is the only priestess. She leads each service differently than the next. She is always the first to express her condolences and will always sit with the mourner as long as they need her to. She is patient and kind. Many people in town come to her when they are having trouble and don't know who to talk to because she is such a good listener.