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Major featuresWarm-feeling flower
Most common inLhavit

The Leiyona is in the same flower family as the zujin. They are, however, polar opposites in their habits and their properties. The leiyona flower only blooms in summer, the warmest time of the year needed to kick-start their growth. The flower is always warm to the touch, as if it is soaking up the sunlight, much like a lizard on a rock would do. The leiyona only grows on thin soil, where there is a ground of rocks or a pathway or the like. It is not uncommon for one to find one randomly growing in the middle of the Surya Plaza. If one were to break apart the thick petals, much like the zujin flower, they would find an oozing liquid. This liquid can be used as an antiseptic on cuts, stings, or bug bites. It is brightly coloured, almost garish, but indeed a useful flower.