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Lephora Orphine

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Lephora Orphine
Date of birth441 AV (aged 82)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleMatriarch of the Orphine Web

Lephora Orphine is the Matriarch of the Orphine Web.


The Orphine Web’s matriarch is shrouded in rumor. Some say she is a witch, others claim her mind has gone with age and she is merely a lonely crone, living with her daughter whose birth she survived: a miracle, by the standards of most. Many speak of her in whispered tones, but few attempt to debunk the myths that surround her. She is a mage, though hardly one of such importance; she learned the craft at a young age in Alvadas, where she honed her skills in world disciplines such as glyphing, and later, personal magics: auristics and morphing.

A life lived so involved in magic has aged her body well beyond its years; she cannot leave her bed of silks in her tiny, candle-lit hovel. Lephora Orphine is by and large the foremost authority on the arcane in the cavern city and gladly shares her knowledge with those brazen enough to approach her home. Known simply as the Orphine Witch, few dare to approach her in fear of rumours of what she can do.


Lephora's crimson eyes are sunk deep in her small head, her skin is peppered in warts and age spots, and her hair is a thin mess tied back in a pale braid. She is gaunt and unassuming and speaks in a voice as sweet and as thick as century-old honey. Layers of thick silk and cotton blankets often obscure most of her, but her long arms and fingers forged of sharp bone still hold unmistakable symenestra grace in her movements.