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Letsi Wright

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Letsi Wright

Business Woman
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthWind Reach
TitleCo-Owner of The Coastal Clam
CultivationRank 1
Chevas1 Mark

Wife of Chef Erwin Wright, Letsi handles the business side of things at the Coastal Clam, as well as being it's only waitress. Though she is much younger than her husband, she is often told she has an old soul. Letsi comes off as a kind and wise woman, though she would argue she doesn't possess any more wisdom than a Sky Goat. She can usually be found waiting talbes at the Coast Clam, and during the winter seasons often helps out at the Hydroponic Gardens.

1 Chevas mark on right hand, matching her husband's on the left


Letsi was born in the year 485 AV and raised in Wind Reach. During her yasi years it was quickly discovered that she had something of a green thumb, and largest portion of her life was spent working in the Hydroponic Gardens. It wasn't long before the reason for her skill became apparent, she was marked by the goddess Bala. Letsi could make a plant grow to maturity by merely touching it, and her skill was invaluable in the garden.

Much to the dismay of those who tend the garden, when Letsi fell in love she chose to move to Thunder Bay with her husband, helping him run his restaraunt so that she could spend as much time as possible with the man. She has never regretted that decision but she still returns to the garden regularly to help out, especially during the winter.


Letsi has been described as having an old soul. People describe her as being kind and wise in the way of things. Letsi herself would argue that description, but there is little denying she has a good head on her shoulders. She loves stories, and will sit for hours listening to the tales of travelers and Endal alike.