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Image:Scroll2.png "The barbarian ordered that those unable to walk be given Lhex's smile on their throats."
- Ida Kohx, adventuress

TitleThe Givetaker
Divine rank1
CultsNo organized cults

Lhex is the god of fate, and one of the most powerful, yet uninvolved, deities of Mizahar. He assigns souls to new rebirths in the afterlife, ensuring the perpetual cycle of reincarnation that keeps the world moving. Looking like an old man who smiles all the time, Lhex is beyond good and evil; he is whimsical and possesses a twisted sense of humor which often influences his decisions. Lhex wants no followers and laughs at those who would serve him; if he has ulterior motives, they are unfathomable.



Lhex generally chooses the appearance of a somewhat overweight old Human male with a long, white beard. His face is not unlike that of the old drunkard at the local tavern, with an important nose and deep wrinkles. He has perfect, pearly teeth which are often on display through a smile or grin. He will sometimes make use of spectacles or a magnifying glass to read paperwork, and a quill for signing the document that binds a soul to its new identity.


Staring at Lhex always leaves one wondering whether he is a kind, polite old man or a callous sociopath. Just when one is about to reach either conclusion, he always finds a way to reverse that judgment in some unexpected and unsettling manner. At times, he seems genuinely concerned, only to crack a cruel joke on the plight of the mortal sitting in front of him. Sometimes he will mock and humiliate a soul, only to grant it a fabulous rebirth in the end. Lhex is utterly unpredictable, and his soft laughter can mean any number of things.

In general, Lhex is truthful, though his words are deliberately vague and open to many interpretations. He is eager to converse with mortals, yet they are often left with the feeling that it was useless and everything about them had already been predetermined. This duality between whim and destiny makes Lhex all the harder to even comprehend. Does he care for mortals? Does he have a greater agenda or is he ruled by his desire for entertainment?


Lhex's personal space is known to be a small room with no apparent entrances or exits. Souls just appear there when they desire to reincarnate. This room looks like a small office with just a desk and two simple chairs. Lhex sits across from the mortal and exchanges a conversation with anyone who enters his domain. A single sheet of paper sits on the desk, a document ready to be signed by the god. There is a single blank for the soul's new identity that is filled out by Lhex at the end of the encounter. When this happens, the soul's fate is sealed.


Lhex cares nothing for followers. Worshipping him will not result in better rebirths; Lhex is unbiased in his own way. If anything, he would laugh at the stupidity of anyone praying to him. Fate cannot be bribed or swayed, and Lhex is a distant, terrible force that makes no exceptions. Since his standing among mortals is of no consequence to him, few people would devote their lives to him. He seeks no fame or reputation, and he is perfectly content with entire races not knowing about him at all. He finds his purpose within himself.


Lhex does not give out Gnosis marks, though he has done so in at least one occasion, when he granted one to Areesa Tallshade's masterpiece, the Anvil of Souls. The item would grant a reprieve from the reincarnation cycle, turning the user into an Outling outside the natural order of things; whether this is a good or bad thing for the recipient remains to be seen. As usual, the reasons for Lhex granting this mark are unfathomable.