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Luke Zenatt

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Luke Zenatt
Date of birth483 AV (aged 40)
Place of birthNyka
TitleOwner of the Sacred Flame


Though some might consider him simple-minded, Luke’s candle making skill is matched only by his passion. He is soft spoken and good tempered, known better for his selflessness than his contribution to the shop. He considers every customer to be a member of his family, even smiling at foreigners before his cousins remind him not to. The only thing he loves more than working in his shop is hearing a story from the life of a friend, and he is forgetful enough to gladly listen to a good story twice. While he can stand his own in a fight, he is of the rare breed that prefers not to. His kindness has earned him a reputation as a pushover, which is becoming precarious for his new position of power.


It was because of his benignity that his mother, Maria Zenatt, willed her only son the entirety of the shop’s profits and ownership. This came as a surprise to many, who were under the impression that the store belonged to no one person; even with the paperwork to prove it, Luke has come under some heavy fire from families and individuals who see themselves in his place. For now, Luke has been able to use his many friendships to defend himself from any backlash, but there is a palpable tension in some corners of the South concerning the place of the Zenatt family as leaders of wealth within the Quarter.