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The Man with Many Faces
Date of birth449 AV (aged 74)
Place of birthAvanthal
TitleInstructor at the Institute of Higher Learning

Though he was born in Avanthal, Luvet was actually raised in Alvadas and moved to Ravok when he was thirty. No one is certain where he learned the magic of Morphing, what he really looks like, or if he is indeed even a man. He changes his body as often as a Nuit does, though he always keeps the same name and prefers to present himself as a male.

Luvet doesn't speak of his past, nor of the future, he only lives for the present. He enjoys teaching others that they can be anything they want to be, quite literally, hence the reason he took his job at the Instititue of Higher Learning. Luvet is a kind teacher, if a bit of a prankster, and enjoys tricking his students into doing something awkward almost as much as he enjoys seeing them learn a lesson from it. Luvet, like his people in Avanthal, is a lover of storytelling and will go on for hours if someone doesn't stop him first. Nobody really knows if the stories he tells are true, for they are quite fanciful in nature, but it's always fun to sit and listen.

Luvet does worship Rhysol, at least the name of Rhysol, and appreciates the life he is able to live within the safety of Ravok. He rarely attends services, however, nor does he really praise the god other than the usual words of honor expected from every Ravokian. There are some who say Luvet might have even assisted The Rising Dawn in the past, but if he had there would be no way to prove it, and his superiors at the school seem confident enough in the man's loyalty.


First Day of Class

The Backbone

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