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Magic Hen

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Description and Abilities

It's unknown how or what caused these particular hens to develop their magical egg laying abilities. Some think it must have been the result of wild djed; others chalk it up as some mad mage's meddling. Despite this, these chickens look just like any breed of laying hen which makes it even more difficult to distinguish them from their mundane kin. However, when one does happen to acquire one of these hens, they find themselves richly rewarded.

Not only do these hens lay normal eggs every day just like any other hen, they also produce one magical egg every ten days, resulting in nine to ten magic eggs laid per season.

There are sixteen known types of magical eggs that can be produced, with each hen capable of only laying one type of magical egg:

  • Solid Gold Eggs
  • Miscellaneous Metal Eggs
  • Miscellaneous Semi-Precious Gemstone Eggs
  • Rare Gemstone Eggs
  • Random Seed Egg
Planting this seed produces a random plant.
  • Candy Eggs
Varying flavors/variety.
  • Delicious Pickled Eggs
  • Decorative Glass Filigree Eggs
  • Magical Glow Eggs
Always that stay lit.
  • Ice Eggs
Never melt.
  • Hot Eggs
Capable of boiling water and/or warming a small area.
  • Paint Egg
Filled with an amazing quality oil paint of varying color.
  • Perfumed Egg
Capable of filling a 400 sq ft area with a lovely scent.
  • Toy Egg
Contains a child's toy inside.
  • Timer Egg
Vibrates every bell for ten ticks.
  • Soap Egg
Equivalent of fancy soap that can be used on one's body, hair and/or clothing.

These hens can be bought, sold, traded, collected, eaten or kept as a dear pet. Like most chickens, they are happiest in groups and flourish when kept with fellow mundane chickens and roosters.

Despite their magical qualities, they have the same lifespan as a typical chicken of their particular breed.


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