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Magic Wands

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Magic Wands
1. Wand of Scribing Will not need ink and will produce the nib suited to its user/use that will write on any surface. Has unlimited uses.
2. Wand of Confusion When touched to another creature, this wand will cause disorientation and confusion in the living thing it touches. This confusion lasts ten chimes. The wand has 1d100 charges or uses.
3. Wand of Healing When touched to another creature, this wand will cause the healing of one major wound or broken body. If there is no major wound present, this wand will remove en-mass the complete minor wounds of a person – all bruising, cuts, scrapes etc. This wand has 1d50 charges or uses.
4. Wand of Pain When touched to another creature or self, this wand will cause a full body crippling pain to contort the person touched. The pain will last 5 chimes but will not do any lasting damage. This wand has 1d50 charges or uses.
5. Wand of Plant Maturity This wand, when touched to the ground, will cause any plant in a 50 ft radius to reach maturity. This wand will not work on animals. This wand has 1d100 charges.
6. Wand of Repair When touched to a damaged object, this wand will repair the item back to its original working (if it did work) like new state. This wand has 1d70 charges or uses.
7. Wand of Binding/Unbinding When touched to a target, this wand will securely bind the hands, feet, and snout of a creature. Touching the wand again to a bound target will unbind it. This wand has 1d50 charges. Each touch uses a charge.
8. Wand of Fear When thrust into the air and waved, this wand will discharge a wave of fear that will affect everyone but the user in a 50 ft radius. The fear will cause the individuals affected to flee in blind panic. The fear will last 5 chimes. This wand has 1d50 charges.
9. Wand of Magic Detection This wand, when waved in the air, will cause anything magical (including mages) to glow brightly in a 50 ft radius. This wand has 1d100 charges.
10. Wand of Fireworks This wand, when flicked into the air, will cause a sky show of fireworks to ignite. The fireworks do no damage, but produce a brilliant lightshow designed to thrill any crowds. This wand has 1d100 charges.
11. Wand of Paralysis When touched to a target this wand will generate thirty chimes of complete paralysis of muscle motion sparing only a respitory and circulatory system. The individual suffering paralysis will not be adversely affected otherwise. This wand has 1d50 charges.
12. Wand of The Hidden When flicked in the air, this wand will reveal any sort of hidden doors, cubbies, wall safes, etc that are camoflauged from sight in a 50 ft radius. This wand has 1d100 charges
13. Wand of Truth Speaking When this wand touches someone, it influences the individual it touches to only speak the truth for one whole bell. This wand has 1d100 charges.
14. Wand of Fire Lighting When this wand is touched to something and the word ‘ignite’ stated, then whatever the wand touches will burst into flames. This does not matter if whatever the wand is touching is flammable or not. If it is flammable, the item will be consumed rapidly by fire. The fire is as normal fire – hot and consuming. This wand has 1d75 charges.
15. Wand of Illumination This wand’s tip will glow like a lantern when the word ‘light’ is uttered. The wand will continue to glow for one bell after use. This wand has 1d100 charges.


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