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Marrow Dog

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Marrow Dog
Threat levelMedium
Major featuresLarge Protruding Fangs, Sharp Claws, Tough and Scaly Hide
AbilitiesStrong Digestive Tract, Some Strategic Understanding
Most common inNyka, the Aperture

Encounters with these little devils are frequent in the Aperture. Quickly matured and even faster bred, the Marrow Dog is an annoying pest at least, and a deadly horde at best. Said to be descendants of wolves, they find strength in packs and do not nurture their weak. Those that travel alone rarely last very long, and can be an easy food source for desperate adventurers. In a group, their tactics for killing prey are basic, but effective. Once a potential meal has been found, they will stop at nothing to kill and feed. Inherently aggressive, they stalk their prey from the darkness and use their numbers to surround it, occasionally emerging to take small nips in order to test its strength and set it on edge. Once the prey is weak enough, every member of the pack attacks at once and devours it.

The trademark of the Marrow Dog is the clean bones it leaves. These creatures eat every piece of their kill, from flesh and fat to hair and innards and the marrow in the bones. The skeleton may not be intact, but it will be smooth and dry.


Scholars that have studied these creatures agree that they must be descended from wolves, though how they became these grotesque beasts remains a mystery. Most contribute their change to the strange power of the Aperture, and the darkness in which they reside. There have been sightings of Marrow Dogs outside of the Aperture, but they are generally weak outcasts seeking refuge from the Aperture, and can be quickly exterminated. It is said that some are kept in the Infirmary to clean the bones of the dead, so that the skeletons may be studied or sold or other scholars.


Marrow Dogs are normally the size of dogs, though have been known to grow as large as bears. They have two eyes that are trained for darkness and long, sharp teeth. These teeth are intended for catching and piercing, as well as precision in stripping flesh from bone. Their skin is void of any fur or hair and is covered in tough scales and spines.

Credit to Jett