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Mizahar always has a great many new people. These new people often have questions and need help finding their way in the game. Sometimes they just need a more experienced person to talk to them about Mizahar or even run a first or second thread with them in the game. That’s where our Mentor Program comes in. Just because someone is a veteran of Mizahar doesn’t mean they have all the answers or can really be either willing to answer questions or be dependable on those answers.

This is why we have created The Mentor Program. Players interested in becoming mentors get a shiny new medal that denotes they are ‘trusted’ by the site to answer newbie questions and take on newbies as mentors.

The way this works is two fold. Mentors can be asked questions by anyone and they in turn can be counted on to answer reasonably, to the best of their knowledge, or go find out for the person asking the question. Mentors can also take a new person under their wing and run a thread or two with the new member to give the new person a feel for the game. We will not have ‘assigned’ mentors to each newbie, per say, but if a Mentor does decide to take someone on as a project they can and will be allowed to do so. Mentors will also be expected to hang out in the Q&A forum and be generally helpful in chat and the Introduction forum. We will probably pull future chat mods from the mentor program as well.

Mentors are a volunteer position. If we get enough interest, we can eventually assign them their own group and give them their own forum. For right now, we’re going to be considering the Q&A Forum their stomping grounds. If you are interested in becoming a mentor and helping out new people to the game, the procedure for application is fairly simple.

You will need to apply in the Help Desk. Title your thread Mentor Application. You will need to tell us why you want to be a mentor, what your strong areas are, and have two recommendations by current staff members. Mentors must in addition be qualified to be a mentor. We consider people with over 300 posts (mostly IC), and a member in good standing on the site (no past bans, warnings, or conflicts) to be qualified.

Once approved, you will be issued a shiny new Mentor Medal and we’ll set you loose among the newbies.