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frame-------------Mercury- AS of Wind Reach----------

Mercury is a quick (silver) hearted being who loves to drive you nuts.

She is an Assistant Storyteller at Wind Reach and Lhavit who loves training threads and loves to give any undeserving PC undue stress and pain. She also likes bunnies and tonkinese cats - pictures of either will result in many chimes (maybe even a bell or two) of continuous awwws.

Vital Statistics

Gender: Androgynous

Shape: Fluctuates

Special Move: Flee

Favorite Color: Silver

Favorite Type of Hatter: Mad


Once upon a midnight dreary there was a girl who loved to read many a quaint a curious volume of forgotten lore, but then a raven came and ruined everything.

Ever since then she has turned into a surly Senior with the dreaded senioritis, but fear not dear Mizaharians - her crippling case, which leaves her chairridden for days on end, keeps her grinding at the mill - poppin' out modded threads like a #@$#ed up North Pole Elf.

...She also has a tendency to get a lot of her work done at the wee hours of day break (such as now) which also leads to unintelligible blabber (such as now). So this tale shall be continued another day (or when someone nudges her to...) GOOD DAY.