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Migration is a term we use in game to deal with the opening and closing of cities due to the gain or loss of a Storyteller. As you may know, a Domain will not function efficiently unless there is a singular person overseeing the city that can run plots, assign jobs, pay wages, and basically storytell in all sorts of capacities. In times past, when a storyteller has resigned, the Help Desk would take over the task. But in current times, the whole of the game cannot be ran through the Help Desk so cities that loose moderators close.

Conversely when a closed city gains a moderator, they can open abruptly. To deal with these openings and closings we have coined the term Migration.

When a city closes, Players will be asked to immediately move to a city that has a storyteller overseeing it. There will be no cost for this move and the players may assume Wind Eagles took their PCs to their intended destination within one to five days. From here on out we will call this ‘migrating’ and it needs to be added to a pc’s SS thread if it happens. PCs that have left a domain because a storyteller has left will be considered “Migrating Out”. This Migrating Out will only happen at season change, but will happen EVERY time a city looses storyteller representation. No players will remain in closed cities. Closed cities cannot be roleplayed in, even to finish threads or to rp out Flashbacks.

Domains will be noted as open or closed in their titles.

Ongoing threads from previous seasons will be grandfathered (meaning no one else may join them) and should be role played out as quickly as possible, wrapping them up. No new threads can be posted in a now ‘closed’ domain, this includes Flashbacks. When a city officially closes, no threads will be allowed to continue. The Staff of Mizahar will strive to give players plenty of notice of a city's closure. And again, closures will only happen at the end of a Season to allow players the chance to finish up their threads.

If a Storyteller agrees to take on a city, former players that have migrated out, will be allowed to migrate back in to their former city ANYTIME after the storyteller becomes active. This will be called “Migrating In” and it will also be free of charge and take anywhere from one to five days to complete timestamp wise. If a storyteller fails to remain active, “Migrating Out” will happen again at season change or no new migrating inward will be allowed. Players who were not at the city previously will not be allowed to Migrate In. They must move about the game as normal taking in travel costs and travel times per usual.

Players that were inactive during closures or openings of cities will not have the ability to take advantage of Migration. To Migrate a player must be active and in good standing when the city open/closed state changes.