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The world of Mizahar is the product of a collaborative effort. By submitting your work to Mizahar, you are promising that it is your original work, it has not been used elsewhere in the same form, and you grant us permission to use it permanently. Should we find out that your submission was not original, or you did not have the right to publish it here, we will take all appropriate steps to remove it. All contributors are always credited for their invaluable hard work.

Mizahar is © all of its contributors. It is not in the public domain or published under a "free" license. Content may only be redistributed without permission when it qualifies as (properly credited) fair use such as web pages about one's characters, or for the purpose of archiving and search engine indexing. Please contact us with any questions or requests for special permissions.

In layman's terms: paragraph #1 says we don't want to plagiarize, paragraph #2 says we don't want to be plagiarized. :)