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Morian Devan

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Morian Devan is not particularly an impressionable person by his appearance. He is through and through a human, roughly five foot, eight inches tall. Morian is known for having a cold green-eyed gaze, a scruffy wild beard, though never grown long, and always dressed in a common sackcloth robe. Born and raised in Syliras, Morian was taken into the Temple of All Gods early on in his childhood. Given up by his mother and father and left at the Temple just to get the child Morian off their hands. The Priests and Priestesses took it upon themselves to bring Morian up to be an outstanding citizen and model man of philosophy, but it was Glav Navik himself that truly made an impact on the boy. From the day he was eight to the day Glav left Sylira in AV 510, Morian had diligently followed Glav, soaking in every word he spoke, thought to think on his own, believe only what he analyzed thoroughly to be the truth, and ultimately became, almost, everything he wanted.

Even in Glav's absence, Morian stalks the Temple. He is often seen walked alone, pacing the room where people of all races and beliefs come to pray, worship, seek solitude, or find answers to their questions. Typically he is found to avoid contact with others unless sought, which then become difficult to break away from his questionings. It is rumored that he might be overly obsessed with the gods or religions offered to the people, and his constant questions might be just as much for his own mind than the mind of others. Regardless, he is a diligent man, a lawful man, and always willing to talk and listen.


Philosophy - 35 Rhetoric - 20 Storytelling - 15 Interrogation - 15 Observation - 15