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Falyndar Fauna
Threat levelModerate
Major featuresdeceptive stripes, curled horns
AbilitiesFast speeds, powerful horns and claws
Most common inNorthern Falyndar in rocky mountainous regions


The Mry'uana stands around 4.5 to 6.5 feet tall and weighs on average between 200-350 lbs. Its body is slim and well toned, with thick, long legs designed to withstand Falyndar's tricky terrain and reach speeds peaking at 35 MPH. It's tail seems to serve no other purpose than aiding the creature's balance when it runs. Instead of hooves the creature has three clawed toed that may grow to be two inches long. Two long, curling horns sprout from its temples in colors of either black, grey, or brown. The Mry'uana's notoriety comes from the striking tiger-like pattern of fur, making it one of Falyndar's most deceptive animals. It is believed they use the coloring to discourage predators from hunting them, as it is easy to mistake the Mry'uana for a tiger between the foliage. The Mry'uana is in fact a carnivore. Razor sharp teeth and dexterous claws make plucking rodents, snakes, and even ground dwelling birds an easy task. It's unlikely for them to take on prey any larger than an Okapi, but if threatened by a superior predator, it will stand its ground and use all its defenses to slay its attacker. Reports of Mry'uana attacks on the jungle's races have been infrequent but not unheard of.

Social Strcture

The four legged animal is for the most part an anti-social creature. With the exception of mating season and the presence of offspring, they will rarely be found with any other animal of its species. During mating season the Mry'uana will venture from its territory, calling to potential partners with a high pitched shriek. If another Mry'uana male contends for the same female, the two will repeatedly ram into each other with their horns and stand on their back legs to fence with claws until one yields or dies. Offspring usually remain with their mothers until they are two seasons old, when they will leave to claim their own territories. Mry'uana are usually mature after a full year.

Additional Information

Hunters may fetch a fair price for nearly every piece of the Mry'uana. Due to their ability to easily traverse treacherous terrain, some Myrians have suggested the Mry'uana be domesticated for their agility and deftness within the jungle. The creature's stubborn and hostile nature, has made this difficult however, and no Mry'uana to date has been kept and utilized by Myrians or Dhani.