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Mt. Skyinarta

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Image:Scroll2.png "When we first came upon the bay on which its feet rested, we were amazed. Its summit stretched so high our necks creaked in the effort to see its top; snow and ice carved into half of its massive face and an immense bowl where we could see two lakes glinting in the sun had been dug near the top. The smell of ash and liquid rock were strong even from the waters of the Sea and we knew as our feet stepped upon solid ground that we had come to a place of and for the sky. Where else did Semele rise to dance in Zulrav's clouds or gather Morwen's cold upon it year round? This beautiful and terrifying place we came to know as, like the people who dwelled within it, Skyinarta."
- Capt. Treahn Frothbreak, Svefra captain's log

Standing out from the surrounding peaks with one foot in the waters of Thunder Bay and the other rubbing against the neighboring mountains, Skyinarta shoots into the sky at an impressive height of 29,040 feet. A semi-active volcano, it is home to Wind Reach and the Inarta. The giant birds known as Wind Eagles also make their home in the caves that litter the surface and can be seen swirling in the cold mists of its crown.


A massive spire of red and black and blonde rock that shadows many of the surroundings peaks. From a distance, the volcano looks like any other mountain in Kalea, only bigger. Its upper half is covered in snow year round and at least two known glaciers can be seen on the northern and western faces. The thick snowpack is not hospitable enough to support life of some of the animals that do live on the mountain but it provides excellent climbing opportunities for the adventurous gingers that live within its caves. The northern and western rim of the mountain rises higher than the southern and eastern sides which enables visitors from the sea to see the pair of lakes that hide in the bowl.