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Muffin Tin

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Eat your heart out!

It is unclear where or how this item came about, yet it is most certainly an interesting and advantageous thing to have acquired if one was fortunate enough to come across it. Coveted by glutton and adventurer, alike, this battered brass tin looks unassuming yet its magic is unlike anything else.

Those lucky enough to have acquired one will find it appears dented, tarnished, and as if it has seen a lot of miles under its rather decorative lid. Latched by a simple mechanism, when opened, one large steaming hot muffin as if fresh from the oven presents itself to the owner. The muffin's flavor and style varies each time the lid is lifted. However, each muffin will prove to be nutritious and filling. If the muffin is removed and the lid closed, then opened again, another yet different fresh hot from the oven muffin will be present. If the muffin is left in place and the lid dropped, the same muffin will remain in the tin - fresh and hot - until it is removed.

In the end, a seemingly unlimited amount of muffins can be gained from this tin. This magic item can be used to provide a whole host of muffins to a crowd, however, there is no way to control the flavors and sometimes the flavors will vary drastically. The 'banana nut' are particularly tasty as are the 'chocolate chunk' ones. However, the 'raw meat' flavored ones may not appeal to everyone. Any flavor of muffin is possible, even perhaps flavors one didn't know existed. The muffins will never be poisonous.


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