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Date of birth385 AV (aged 138)
Place of birthMura
TitleChief Fisher
Gnosis marks

N’avari’s home is and will always be Silver Lake. She pretty much grew up in the water, surrounded by its breathtaking variety of fish, jellyfish and sea horses. Collecting corals and algae and working them into salads is a favorite pastime, but her real profession is fishing. She claims to have the entirety of Mura’s fish species memorized and her knowledge of underwater flora is above average as well. Although colleagues have actually talked her into that position, N’avari very much enjoys overseeing the fishing activities of Mura. She is a member of the Mother’s Circle, but can almost always be found at the bazaar selling fish. It is incredibly important to her that the customer values what they get with their purchase: This kind of food should not be taken for granted; instead one must receive it with respect and gratitude. N’avari is a follower of Caiyha and Laviku and firmly believes that the fish sold at the bazaar every day are one of their most precious gifts.


N’avari takes extra care of her body due to the regular exposure to water. She applies several oils at her skin when bathing, and washes her hair with a special shampoo. Thus, she ensures that her white mane fall like silk and shimmer in the sun. She always wears her hair long, but collects it in a ponytail when underwater. Her eyes are almond-shaped and of a forget-me-not blue color while her lips are relatively pale compared to her Konti sisters. Her facial features are too angular to be considered the stereotype beauty, but her passion lets her appearance shine on many occasions. Additionally, the fact that she roams Silver Lake for hours and hours keeps her body in excellent shape.