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Date of birth486 AV (aged 37)
Place of birthMura
TitleTourist Guide
Gnosis marks

Being more reasonable than kind, N’avari does not favor her daughter when it comes to work at the Bountiful Sea. Additionally, N’ijua has never shared her mother’s interest in underwater fauna. She prefers to stay dry and focus on tending to the sentient visitors of the bazaar. As a tourist guide, she always hangs around at the western outskirts, looking for non-Konti she can greet and point into the right direction or give a tour. Although the location of the booths changes from time to time, she always knows where one can get what one desires. Because of the city’s special infrastructure, she also encourages visitors to make a boat trip. While leading more earthy customers down the street, she also enjoys light conversations and introducing the culture of her race and home city. N’ijua is very soft spoken and emotional, not nearly as reasonable as her mother. However, she does have a connection with animals, at least a small gang of semi-wild cats roaming the more rural areas of Mura. Her pockets are always filled with some fish from her mother’s booth or deer meat to feed felines.


N’ijua’s appearance does not differ much from her mother’s, save for the fact that her face is softer and rounder. People feel naturally drawn to her innocent aura, and her body language is friendly and inviting, yet discreet. Her eyes are a shade darker than the forget-me-not of her mother, a stormy blue. Although she dislikes physical exercise, she can often be seen taking strolls all over Mura, either with or without customers. Her figure is slender, maybe a tad overly so, because she does not eat much; instead likes to watch others eating.