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Nai'ra Tamris

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Nai'ra Tamris
Date of birth299 AV (aged 224)
Place of birthMura
TitleCity Manager at Taviasa
Business Organization79
Gnosis marks

Nai’ra is aged around 200 years, although she appears as youthful and fresh as every Konti. However, a careful observer might recognize slight crinkles around her bright eyes that are colored like the evening sun. Her hair is usually collected in a single, long braid to keep it out of her friendly, moon-shaped face while working. She is respected for her relaxed behavior, able to calm enraged parties down and draw reasonable conclusions. Because of her love for Mura and its inhabitants she strives for a peaceful and harmonic community.

Nai’ra believes that the tragedy a few years ago inspired her to apply for this position. Her mother, grandmother and she Nai’ra herself became ill with an incurable illness, and nobody seemed to be able to help them. In the end Nai’ra survived while her beloved mom and gran passed away. The long weeks of illness and the shock over their deaths made her strong, and now she knows what she wants and how to achieve it – although she fears illness and studies medicine and herbs since then.