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The ‘Saved’ Women of Riverfall
LeaderThe Oathmaster
Most common inRiverfall
ReputationIndentured Breeders
Faction godsAny
StrongholdThe Oathmaster's Tower

Nakivaks are females who serve in the city of Riverfall as reproductive hosts for the male Akalaks who have no women of their own. Nakivaks can be from any race and of any age so long as they are still reproductively active. The most common types of Nakivaks are human and mixed blooded women. Nakivaks have a specific cultural place of importance and a well-defined rung on the ladder of Akalak society. The term Nakivak originates from the Akalak word for tragedy "Kivak" which is well rooted in the Valterrian (hence Ivak as a core sound) and the near extinction of the Akalak race at the destruction of their home city- Valkalah. "Na" in Akalak means debt or the collection therein of one - also closely rooted in the negative or denial "No" indicating debt or extinction is not something they were going to let happen again. Thus, "Nakivak" the word simply means debt tragedy in Tukant.


Becoming a Nakivak

Nakivaks enter into their service one of two ways. The first and foremost is voluntarily. Often the Council of Ten will grant a woman Nakivak status in exchange for business opportunities, property use, and modest upkeep. By and large the vast majority of women in Riverfall are Nakivak or have been at one time. These women generally flee to Riverfall to escape abusive past relationships, famine, disease, and overcrowding elsewhere. To the extremely impoverished, Nakivak status has an amazing appeal. They are treated well, have a set social status, and are protected heavily under Riverfall law. The second way females enter into Nakivak Status is to be 'rescued' from slave caravans that routinely cross into Riverfall's shadow or fall prey to Akalak raiding parties that range deeper into the Sea of Grass. Most of these women are destined for either zith food or pleasure and are grateful for a second chance at life, even if it means risking their lives becoming breeders for the Akalak. These rescued women are given no opportunity to select a different lifestyle, however, and Nakivak service for these 'rescues' are obligatory. The Akalak have strict rules about the comfort and care of a Nakivak. They are watched carefully and their safety and security is of the utmost importance. It is often noted that a particularly abused female that has been rescued and thus automatically indentured into Nakivak status will be given a respite of a season or two to become accustomed to the Akalak ways before an Akalak adult selects her and requires her to pay her debt to the Riverfall society.

The Process

Depending upon the means of entering into service, the process varies slightly with each individual potential Nakivak. Voluntary Nakivak are housed at Godivas for up to ten days during which time they meet with the Council of Ten to determine their skills and if they are in need of any support to start a business or receive training. Skilled workers obviously have an easier time during this process for they can often get set up with a job or business right away. Unskilled workers are often given apprenticeships or training so they can down the line take up businesses. The Council generally tires to subtly provide as much support as they can and give generously because their actions add to the Nakivak's debt, which is kept carefully on record. The more debt the longer duration of servitude. The Voluntary Nakivaks also meet with the Undanas at his facility during this time period as well. During these meetings, contracts are explained, expectations clearly spelled out, a tour of his facility is given including the 'extended stay' facilities in the basement for Nakivak who have violated their contracts and are currently in full confinement. Classes are then started lead by the Undanas. During these classes, the Undanas gets a great feel for the Nakivak's intelligence, personality, strengths and weaknesses. These all go in a file kept on her. Any male Akalak adult has the right to request a Nakivak's file at any time and review its contents.

Rescued Nakivaks are subjected to a similar process with a few additional steps. First and foremost they are taken to the healers to be healed of any injury and cleared of any disease. Unwanted pregnancies that have resulted from their captures are also dealt with quietly, especially if the female is not very far along. Then, these individuals are taken to Godivas for a bit of a rest until they too have meetings with the Undanas and have their new status explained to them. These individuals get enrolled in classes, have their meetings with the Council and then settle into their lives. Rescues, despite their trauma, are not offered an alternative to the Nakivak lifestyle. They enter into it without choice.

Basically, from there it is a waiting game until an Akalak shows interest in becoming a patron to a Nakivak. Normally new Nakivaks, especially rescues, are given a season or two to settle into their new role. During this time they are offered the services of a retired Nakivak called an Advocate who helps educate them and answer questions. The Advocate often acts as a friend, introduces the Nakivak to others of her status and to the people around town, and gradually acts to release her into Akalak society. The Advocates are the only one besides the Undanas that is allowed to add notes to a Nakivak's file. She tends to offer advice on the Nakivak's likes and dislikes, and is often willing to be present for a Patron to meet a Nakivak and enter into a contract with her. She oversees the Nakivak's rights and can often barter for a higher maintenance fee for the woman based on her qualities and experience. Nakivaks that have preformed well in service to Riverfall and can see the benefits of the Nakivak system are often offered Advocate positions after they are released from service.

The Nakivak Ranks

Nakivak women wear bracelets on their right wrist to demote their status. These bracelets are called Undan (plr Undani) which means 'oath' or 'promise' in Tukant. The Undan are magical in nature, very similar to the Lakan, as they are forged in similar ways. This status comes in two ranks as denoted by the metal their bracelets are made from: Silver and Gold. A silver Undan is generally forged by the Undanas or Oathmaster, an elder metalsmith knowledgeable in the secrets of metalsmithing and forging the Undan. All silver undan are generic with a special twist. They are added to a Nakivak's wrist at the beginning of her indenture. Undan are thick metal bands, reminiscent of a manacle, that are sealed on the wrist by a metalsmith and are only able to be removed by cutting them off generally by the same metalsmith. While these Undan are in place, the Undanas can track (much like an Akalak forger can track their own Lakan) the location of the Nakivak wearing it. The only way to convert silver to gold Undans is to have the Nakivak report to the Undanas and be confirmed under contract by the Oathmaster. The Undanas conducts a physical examination as well as speaks briefly with the male involved, then will generally oversee the male who placed the Nakivak under contract by helping them forge a gold Undan. The Undanas then removes the silver undan and oversees the father figure placing the gold undan on his surrogate's wrist. Silver undan are plainly made while gold undan can be decorated however the male wishes. With this band in place, he can track the Nakivak under contract with him and keep track of any of his unborn offspring, much like he can a Lakan.

  • Silver Undan - This is a Nakivak that has found herself either by circumstance or agreement in servitude. Her silver Undan depicts her availability for contract and the fact that she is 'open' or not breeding at the time. Nakivak who are braceleted with silver do not have the right to refuse an Akalak elder a right to call in her contract and use her body to produce an heir. She is under obligation to eat right, exercise, and do all she can to keep herself in good shape. Nakivak continue to wear silver and thus be available to any Akalak male who wants to negotiate for her until she comes under contract.
  • Gold Undan - This is a Nakivak who has been placed under contract by an Adult Akalak. Her expenses must be fully paid by the Akalak siring the child she carries. And he is indeed responsible for her safety and protection both in and out of Riverfall. It is assumed most golden Undan Nakivaks are pregnant or about to be.

Futhermore there are two types of silver undan wearing Nakivak.


Many women enter into the Nakivak Status voluntarily. They are paid 1,500 GM for the delivery of a healthy child. They can take several forms of contracts... the first is one where they are kept at a very nice level in Akalak society and given a living expense and a stipend of housing to their liking but in exchange you have no choice in who takes their contract and must abide by their terms.

The second level is a bit more ideal for most women. They sign on, get modest housing and a modest stipen of living, and can negotiate the terms of their contracts with anyone who approaches them as to being interested. If the male is interested enough, they can even negotiate for a higher upkeep or to move into his residence. Just about anything can be negotiated. Under the first condition, there is no payback obligation. Under the second, the Nakivak will be credited a seasonal account and if you go over the limits of that account, they must pay back the money after the birth of the child.

Either type can have full access to their financial records, what they've spent and what they've earned at any time.


Involuntary Nakivaks are ones who are rescued from slavers or purchased as slaves then deemed of good breedable quality and transferred from slave to Nakivak status. These women will be in debt for whatever the Oathmaster decides. Some are held to one pregnancy and others to multiple births. Most are not told how long their contracts will be until the birth of the first child. If the Nakivak birthed the child easily and survived with no complications, they will often be asked for a second or even third child. If they have difficulty they will often be released after just one with a small amount of coin to see them into the future.

Preferred Races

Kelvics, if they could be considered Nakivak, would be the preferred race. They birth Akalak sons easily and generally have no problem being used multiple times for reproduction. However, since Kelvics have zero status in Riverfall other than as pets (females are imported from Ravok in mass as part of the pet trade) they are never considered Nakivak - even those that are unowned or unbonded. That means the preferred race for Nakivaks in Riverfall are Konti. These are less than perfect matches for the Akalak, however, because these women only have a fifty percent chance of bearing an Akalak boy. The Konti are equally prone to bearing Konti daughters instead. These female children are allowed to stay with their mothers and go unclaimed by the fathers. One benefit of the Konti Nakivak is that there exists a five percent chance of an Akontak being produced which are children considered closer to the Gods than all others. These individuals are often exalted and cherished within Riverfall. Eypharians have been used as Nakivak, so too have the desert tribes. Humans, while frail, are the most common types of Nakivak. And if the Akalak find a human female that births easily, she is rarely let out of her contract before three children or more are born. That means, having entered into Nakivak status, she might very well spend the rest of her life as one. Isur, though rare, are sturdy and make excellent Nakivak. Charodae, Symenestra, and Dhani are never used as Nakivak.

The Talvis or Patrons

When a male Akalak is interested in contracting a Nakivak, he often simply needs to speak to her and let her know he is claiming his rights and becoming her Patron or Talvis if she has no choice in the matter. Then he will file his claim with the Undanas. The Nakivak cannot refuse to enter into an agreement with an Akalak male unless shes's already in a contract with someone else or has entered the Nakviak program as a volunteer. At that time the Akalak is expected to take over her upkeep and completely support the Nakivak if she has no income of her own. Basic living expenses are covered and he makes arrangements to give her a physical exam and to begin the insemination sessions. Law indicates that a Nakivak must agree to one session a day until she's determined pregnant, but can in fact be subjected to more than one if she is willing. Often, Akalaks will pad these provisions to get visiting rights any time of day or night (they indeed have to deal with the schedule of their other halves as well) by agreeing to increases in amounts of coin used for support and upkeep in the Nakivak's life in exchange for unlimited visits. Sessions are carried out at sites agreed upon by both parties - either at the Akalak's home or the Nakivak's. Some Nakivaks move into their Talvis' home for convenience. The nature of the relationship between the Talvis and the Nakivak can range anywhere from purely clinical to an almost 'marriage' of sorts. Sessions will cease after the Nakivak has been proven pregnant, though often more income is provided to keep the visitation and session rights up until birth or advanced pregnancy makes such visitations impossible. The Nakivak is allowed to nurse her son until he is weaned if her Talvis is willing. However, most Patrons tend to confiscate the child upon birth and see to the child's care themselves. A Nakivak is given one season's rest between births and contracts. Akalak males can have more than one Nakivak under contract at once. They can also extend a contract, if no one else objects, into a second term if the first pregnancy and birth went well. Rest periods are strictly enforced however. Often the Nakivaks themselves have very little say in this arrangement. All contracts are approved by the Undana and any objections - such as domestic violence or abuse - are raised to the Undanas who makes it his business to ensure the safety of all the Nakivaks.

Ending Service

There is some contention over what ends a Nakivak's status. Often the women assume that once a child is safely birthed she is free to go. But that is often not the truth. At the successful birth of a child, her gold Undan will be removed and a silver one will be affixed in its place. The Council of Ten, under the advice of the Undanas, will decide how long each servitude lasts based on how much the female contributes to the community and how good of a breeder the Nakivak is based on the health of the child. Many Nakivak, especially human women, only serve until the birth of the child. They are released, sadly enough, when the birth of the child ends their lives. The vast majority of servitude last two to three pregnancies with second-time mothers being the most popular Nakivak to use for experienced Akalak. Sometimes Akalak males can petition the Council of Ten to release a Nakivak after one pregnancy so that they can be free to marry the woman. Nakivaks are not allowed to marry until they have met their obligation, and only the council can decide when that obligation is met. If the obligation exceeds one pregnancy's worth of debt, the petition can be refused unless the potential husband can 'buy out' the remainder of the contract. It is rare that one will be released from servitude 'early' and even rarer that the servitude will not indeed last her whole life. Often, the only simple release from Nakivak status is death. Konti and human females that are proven breeders are kept especially long - their obligations often subtly and artificially drawn out - to provide more Akalak children for the city and for all of Akalak society. Women that enter into Voluntary Servitude are often granted release early in the light of their 'light debt load'. Women who have difficult pregnancies and birth unhealthy children are generally immediately dismissed from their Nakivak status. They are then forced to find their own means of support.

Additional Notes

When joining the ranks of the Nakivak, often the women are educated on health, nutrition, fitness, and what to expect during pregnancy. They are also offered training in session techniques and educated on how to get pregnant through learning about their bodies cycles and requirements. These classes all take place with the Undanas at his facility, which offers neutral meeting grounds for actual Nakivak Talvis sessions if required.

Occasionally, a Nakivak is caught doing something which is considered a high crime in Akalak society. Being caught having sexual relations with someone other than a patron while under contract is a severe crime and will result in the Nakivak being confined for the duration of the rest of her contract with access given only to her patron. Still more shockingly, Nakivak have been caught terminating pregnancies (usually these are humans who fear for their lives) in all manner of ways - herbs, physical intervention are the two most common. A Nakivak caught having terminated a confirmed or suspected pregnancy is subject to execution immediately, no questions asked. Conversely assaulting a Nakivak known to be carrying an Akalak's child is also a severely punishable crime under Akalak Law.