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Nami Cloveris

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Image:Scroll2.png "For every name I write there is a story, and it is up to us to see that their story is a happy one."
- Nami Cloveris
Nami Cloveris
Date of birth485 AV (aged 38)
Place of birthAlvadas
TitleSupervisor of the Census Bureau of Counterfactual Denominations

Beautiful and alluring, Nami Clovis takes up where the Department Head leaves off. Often letting Laurence see to the public face of Alvadas, Nami sees after the large stacks of papers that comes with the departments purpose. Her eyes are sharp and her hand writing neat, and it is due to her talents with a pen and paper that see that all official, behind the scenes work gets done. More often that not Nami can be found behind her desk within the department, a stack of papers and a pen close at hand.


Young, intelligent, and full figured are all things that describe the Supervisor of the Census Bureau. Nami is the picture of youthful beauty, as well as unholy thoughts. It is well known that the men in her department all wish for her… services, but the woman will have none of that. All business, Nami discourages any kinds of advances, and is not against using a swift tap with her clipboard, always kept close to her heart, to get her point across.

Her dress is always formal, never ranging outside of modestly cut dresses and robes, and her auburn hair is always kept up in a tight bun. I small pair of silver glasses sit on the bridge of her nose, and her piercing green eyes do not miss a thing. Ever engrossed in her duties, and usually those of Shillingham as well, she is often seen scribbling hasty notes on her clipboard, sometimes not even noticing when others try to speak with her.

Nami is well aware of her appearance, and as such her head is always held high and her stride is a confident one. The click of her heals down the hallway causes many a man’s head to turn, and even though she would never show it, this simple fact pleases her immensely. The supervisor always keeps her clothes looking neat and pressed, and her hair is always shining and well kept. Some believe that the one she is truly trying to impress is none other than the Department Head himself.


Neat, clean and well organized, Nami is the reason anything official gets done in the Census Bureau. Due to the Department Head’s hatred of paper work it often falls on Nami’s shoulders to chase after the man and force the work on him, though some question whether Shillingham does it on purpose or not. She is strict, strong and observant. The Supervisor is the backbone that sees to it that all of the official events go off without a hitch, and she is good at what she does. Miss Cloveris, as she prefers to be called, frowns upon any open displays of affection within the office. She has even posted up strict rules of etiquette around the Department, detailing what is and is not appropriate for department officials to do. Shillingham, of course, breaks every single one of these rules, and causes Nami no end of trouble with his open advances on her. Though she does seem to like it when it comes from the Head, any other many who would dare such advances may find their noggin cracked by a swift motion of her clipboard.

Possessed of an odd obsession for lists, Nami is known to set each employee with a list of daily tasks that they must check off and deliver to her at the end of the day. Her own checklist is rather extensive, sometimes spilling off her own check board and trailing after her as she strides briskly from one task to another. She is a woman who is strong and confident in herself, and her own confidence spreads to those around her.

Just as Laurence has his own hidden talents, Miss Cloveris has a few of her own. It was not for her skills with a pen alone that saw her placed in her position, and Shillingham was careful in his choice. Nami is in fact gifted in Auristics, and as such Laurence carries her with him whenever he must meet with a new person, supervise a large event and even to some of his own secret meetings. The woman’s piercing eyes have uncovered more than one false claim made to the Department Head, and as such he values her skills highly.