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Image:Scroll2.png "There behind that tree, I sssee ssomething. A Nandhai? Let usss move on to eassier prey."
- Ssserucaspirase, Dhani Hunter
Falyndar Fauna
Threat levelMinimum
Most common injungle wilds


Nandhai are large creatures standing from 6-8 feet tall at the shoulders and weighing anywhere from 275-400 lbs. They herd in groups of three or more and are commonly found digging with their massive arms around roots of trees and near muddy river banks. They aren't overly aggressive by nature, but will defend themselves by swinging their massive arms like clubs at their attackers. They also have a nasty bite. Like Gorillas they walk using mostly their arms to push and swing, though their stature prevents them from climbing, the smaller, younger ones will try to climb up trees or their parents to escape attackers. They sound like howler monkeys when they talk and they are a very talkative creature. They are primarily insectivores, but also enjoy licking up nectar and sometimes simply eating nectar filled plants whole. When encountering a Nandhai, they will give you two warnings before they attack. The first is they will start to shout and growl, if it is ignored then they will stomp the ground with their large paws. If one heeds their warnings and backs off the group will not attack passerbys and warily go back to grazing.

Social Structure

They travel in groups of three or more, and typically have one dominate male. The male has his pick at the potential mates and the rest of the males, if there are any, get what's left. If there aren't any other males in a pack then the dominate male will breed with all of the females in its group. They only give birth to one per season and when the babies are fully grown they will leave their herd and find others.

Additional Information

Nandhai are tough creatures to bring down because herds will not flee, but stay and fight their assailants, and a single well aimed blow can break the bones of even a large Dhani. For this reason it is better to avoid hunting them, and both Myrians and Dhani generally tend to keep their distance from the creatures.