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Nessora Hyacinth

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Nessora Hyacinth

The Lady of Hyacinths
Date of birth467 AV (aged 56)
Place of birthKalinor
TitleRuler in Kalinor
Symenestran Lash67

Nessora Hyacinth is the female half of the governing couple in Kalinor. She is famed for her shrewdness and tireless nature. While all of Kalinor may not love her, they certainly admire and respect her.

The Trials

A story floats from web to web in Kalinor about Nessora during the trial to become the next ruler and serves as an apt picture of her nature. In one of the qualifying duels, Nessora was paired with a woman who exceeded her in both skill and notability. As Nessora’s strength began to dwindle, the other woman grew increasingly aggressive, pressing for the final point until Nessora was on the ground, unarmed and fighting for breath like a woman about to drown.

Thrilled to be done with the exhausting fight, her opponent came in for a clean shot. It was then Nessora stopped her ragged breathing and sprung. In a matter of heartbeats, the woman was disarmed with Nessora’s hands about her throat and knees on her chest. The match was Nessora’s as she slowly choked her opponent into submission.

When Nessora uncoiled she was silken in gesture and breathing evenly, as if minutes ago the pair of them weren’t panting and dragging their claws. When asked why she didn’t end the fight sooner, Nessora smiled and said,

“I already know what I can do. What I didn’t know is what she could do.”


The middle child of a mostly unremarkable web, Nessora had no especial notice given to her. Her beauty came later than most, so she was not courted during the same season as her peers. If not for the trials, she may never have wed at all.

She was known to be polite and spoke just enough to not be thought shy or talkative. Her known hobbies were unremarkable. The only people who thought her extraordinary were her family and her one, dear friend Enella Orchid.

With the knowledge of her extraordinary talent and drive, came the awareness of a darker current in Nessora’s personality. The woman had a taste for the pain of others. Subtly pulling the high from their perches or shaming the arrogant thrilled her.

Nessora’s favored victims remain the mildly proud. She finds no savor in making the humble lower. The only way for the justly proud to avoid her barbs is to make her laugh, then she is happily charmed.

As a ruler, Nessora is patient and enormously clever. She is courteous to all and possesses an elegant self-assurance. Solving difficulties pleases her to no end and she is happiest when useful.


The ruling male, Avadon Hyacinth, is a just man with a leader’s temperament. Nessora loves him for his character and admires his forgiving nature. While he is not the kind of husband she would seek, he is the husband that she needed. In all things, she will bow to his will.

Nessora keeps a small coterie of assistants, the primary one being her gentle friend Enella Orchid. Enella has a simple goodness and pragmatic sensibility that is a perfect counter to her friend’s cunning.

Silenva Hyacinth, the ruling couple’s only daughter, is the rare product of a fully Symenestra union. Her mere existence is a display of her mother’s strength. Nessora is frequently making amends for Silenva to her father. Despite a steady upbringing, the child inherited her mother’s taste for shaming others, but Silenva has taken this compunction to a sensual level. The affectionate bond between mother and daughter is genuine, as each understands traits in the other many could not fathom. Nessora is often frozen between admiration and appall for her daughter’s behavior.